Gold Awards: July 2023

Best Indie ShortThe Rocking Chair by Jenö Hodi (Hungary)

Best Drama ShortMatthew by Matt Servitto (USA)

Best Documentary ShortThere and Back Again by Will Allen-DuPraw (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortCoffee and Listerine by Eric T. Roth (USA)

Best Film Noir ShortA Prayer for the Devil by Rageeth Kollatt (UAE)

Best Mystery ShortKiloherz by Jakob Gessner (Germany)

Best Horror Short: Affentanz – Hunter by Cyprian Hercka (Germany)

Best Experimental ShortWait by Reagan Yorke and Jillian Nicole Smith (USA)

Best Student ShortThe Egg by Zilan Lin (USA)

Best Animation ShortRoses by Hyunjoon Kang (South Korea)

Best Children ShortLetter by Yiwei Zhao (China)

Best Music VideoMad Fox – Cinerama by Matt Fulks (Mad Fox) (USA)

Best Screendance ShortReplica by SimonaGun (Nicolas Simon and Virna Hagen Auvergne) (France)

Best Web and New MediaAI-lice Through the Looking Glass by Pemanagpo (Switzerland)

Best Female Director: Lexi Johnson for They Took Jacob (USA)

Best Male Director: Yuchen Ding for Lao Du (China)

Best Student Male Director: Kevin Mainenti for Space Eye (Croatia)

Best First Time Female Director: Pemanagpo for AI-lice Through the Looking Glass (Switzerland)

Best First Time Male Director: Li Huan-Yu for Ten Thousand Times (Taiwan)

Best Actress: Lee Malka for Ave Gradiva (Israel)

Best Actor: Doron Brokman for Ave Gradiva (Israel)

Best Supporting Actress: Shira Katzenelenbogen for Ave Gradiva (Israel)

Best Acting Duo: SJ Kennedy and Sachin R Nayak for A Prayer for the Devil (UAE)

Best Ensemble Cast: Miklós Székely B., Franciska Farkas, and Béla Mészáros for The Rocking Chair (Hungary)

Best Cinematography: Gábor Szabó for The Rocking Chair (Hungary)

Best EditingMendirman (I’m the One) (Uzbekistan)

Best Production DesignJust 14 (UK)

Best Sound Design: Tarpuna: Guardians of the Coconut and the Mangrove (Ecuador)

Best Original Score: Arthur Valentin Grósz for The Rocking Chair (Hungary)

Best Original Story: Tom Slevin for Matthew (USA)

Best Trailer/Teaser: Just 14 (UK)

Best Short Script: Body Count by Bill Pierce and John Kestner (USA)






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