Honorable Mentions: July 2023

Best Indie ShortThe Passenger by Ramzi Akram Gharbi (USA)

Best Drama ShortThe Lion’s Whip by Martian Angjaya (Indonesia)

Best Documentary ShortBill Cody’s Arcade Wonderland by Jack Pochop (USA)

Best Romantic ShortThe Unicorn that Never Lies by Chandler Riggs and Xavier Jimenez (USA)

Best Comedy ShortSo Help Me by Amanda Beardsley (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortThe Turn by Jack H. Wood (USA)

Best Action ShortThe Inevitable by Jamaal Fields-Green (USA)

Best Film Noir ShortThe Way Women Are by Adam Tuliński (Poland)

Best Horror ShortBrulefer by Martín De La Cruz (Argentina)

Best Experimental ShortHer Life, The Future by Zabaldu Naraé (France)

Best Student ShortChasing Fame by Lily Ma (USA)

Best Animation ShortKelly and the Kung Fu Gators by Kristen Gish (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short: 47-52 by Jarid Root (USA)

Best Music VideoTraps In My Feed by Lubos Vacke (Czechia)

Best Screendance Short: The Creature 2.0 by Nevena Nikolova and Petar Gerzilov (Bulgaria)

Best Web Series/TV PilotYou Follow Me by Ryan McGilloway (USA)

Best Female Director: Tori Elizabeth Pope for Salomé: Do Not Dance, My Daughter (USA)

Best Male Director: Kai Kurve for Cornerboy (Germany)

Best Student Female Director: Kexin Meng for Pick and Roll (China)

Best Student Male Director: Qing Gan for Peekaboo (China)

Best First Time Female Director: Will Mustin for Yes, No, Goodbye (USA)

Best First Time Male Director: Imre Mazlo for Ten Out of the Ten (Hungary)

Best Young Filmmaker: Nate Greven for Trich (USA)

Best Actress: Kim Kopf for 77 (USA)

Best Actor: Trace Talbot for Talk to Your Fish (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Allie-Rae Treharne for So Help Me (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Mark Turcotte for Tap (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Amanda Beardsley and Steve Jacques for So Help Me (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Samantha Simone, Kate Falk, Alex Stene, Will Cary, and Drew Gardner for You Follow Me (USA)

Best Cinematography: Tyler Oaks for Still Life (USA)

Best Editing: Filip Malasek for Traps In My Feed (Czechia)

Best Production DesignBrulefer (Argentina)

Best Original Score: Nick Montopoli for Tap (USA)

Best Original Story: Yakov Olivarria for Benny Bill (USA)

Best Short Script: Secret Lives, Restless Hearts by Esaias Wiseworth Alexander (USA)






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