Gold Awards: February 2020


Best Indie ShortBuffalo by Freddie Paull (USA)

Best Drama ShortPlanet Earth Calling Ana by Fernando Bonelli (Spain)

Best Documentary ShortReclaiming The Negative by Mike Beech (UK)

Best Romantic ShortI Won’t Say I Love You by Jamie Anderson (UK)

Best Comedy ShortBryers Cucumber Tostino’s by Christopher Hall (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortCanceled by Khomari Flash (USA)

Best Thriller ShortExpress by Nimi Lkhagva (USA)

Best Crime ShortCanceled by Khomari Flash (USA)

Best Mystery ShortOther People by Chad Schollmeyer (USA)

Best Fantasy ShortFar Away by Rodrigo Urriolagoitia (Bolivia)

Best Horror ShortDead Batt by Eli Balce (Philippines)

Best Sci-Fi ShortTender is the Kiss by Longwei Deng (USA)

Best Experimental ShortMishin by Kitae Yang (South Korea)

Best Student ShortHunting and Gathering by Zehua Yang (USA)

Best Animation ShortMonkey and Cat by Artie Romero (USA)

Best Children ShortReflective Blue by Jocelyn Harp (China)

Best Women ShortDaisy Desire by Léa Sassi (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortMermaid by Fia Perera (USA)

Best MicrofilmSincerely Yours by Ali Memarchi (Sweden)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: TechTalk by Jonny Caplan (USA)

Best Web and New Media: Memorio by Vadim Gordt (Russia)

Best Director (Female): Nimi Lkhagva for Express (USA)

Best Director (Male): Max Marklund and Anders Jacobsson for Thank You for Patiently Waiting (Sweden)

Best Student Director (Female): Maria Paula Arboleda for Tacet (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Yifu Li for Dinner Blue (China)

Best First Time Director (Female): Fia Perera for Mermaid (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): F. Thomas Vincent for Gladys and Dee Dee: Secrets (USA)

Best Actress: Rachel August for Music Box (UK)

Best Actor: Rafael Pettersson for Thank You for Patiently Waiting (Sweden)

Best Supporting Actress: Beatriz Rivera Lizarazu for Far Away (Bolivia)

Best Child/Young Actress: Xinyi Shan for Sixth Grade (China)

Best Child/Young Actor: Marik Knight for Mermaid (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Paul Oakley Stovall and James Andrew Fraser for Buffalo (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Meg DeLacy, Jeremy Shada, Toni Trucks, Adam Kang, Avy Samala, Ted Larkin Jr., Adi Shankar, and Terry VIrts for Scars (USA)

Best Cinematography: Binkai Xiang for Sixth Grade (China)

Best Editing: Annie Chen for Glitches (Taiwan)

Best Visual FX: Tender is the Kiss (USA)

Best Production Design: Sabrina Suarez for Magico (USA)

Best Sound Design: Glitches (Taiwan)

Best Original Score: Nicolas Prada for Magico (USA)

Best Original Story: Chuanfa Wan and Nan Jia for The Drone Over Corn Fields (China)

Best Short ScriptEminent Domain: A Love Story by Kitty Troll (USA)






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