Finalists: February 2020


Finalists (Official Selection)

4:00 AM Los Angeles 1983 by William Stancik (USA)

50,000 Year Old Silk Road by Elijah Bravington (Australia)

A Promise to Our Fathers by C.J. Boisvert (USA)

Alstroemeria by Misha Parfenoff and Ali Abdullah (USA)

Blues Nation by Karim Khorsheed (USA)

Broken Dreams by Magnus Petersen (Canada)

Cerise by Raphaël Dirani (USA)

Crown and Confidence by Bukky Adeyokunnu (USA)

Dehlight by Indresh Singh and Rishabh Nayan (Australia)

Don’t Burst My Bubble by Victoria Malinjod (UK)

Eudaman by Nikonus Pappas (Australia)

Formulation by Justin Li (USA)

Halfway by Ali Orokzai (USA)

How to be Cool Before College by Laura Merli (USA)

In the Same Direction: Jeff Pifher and Socrates’ Trial by Alexander Craven (USA)

L8 by Cedric Low (Malaysia)

LA Existential Crisis 1983 by William Stancik (USA)

Layla’s Rain by Kit Wilson (USA)

Lizzy’s Plan by Joshua Lang (USA)

Malawi by Stephanie Geliebter (USA)

My Langa by Olivia Wells and Tasneem Kalla (USA)

Never Chase Voices Afar by Aaron Hutchens (USA)

Nice To Be You by Dino Koutsandreas (USA)

On Air by Ryan Conway and Jack Corbett (USA)

Out and Back by Jake Weber (USA)

Piss Off by Isaac Bale (USA)

Santa Cruz by Michael Kadolph (USA)

Sarah’s Dilemma by Anthony Tilghman (USA)

Sogno (Dream) by Elisa Sofia Fioretti (USA)

The Interview: Your Hired by Christian Palomec (USA)

The Reunion by Cynthia Cherry (USA)

The Wild Ones by John Geronilla (USA)

Todd Takes a Break by David Samuels (USA)

Transitions by Sana Syed (USA)

Tristan by David Ouimette (USA)






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