Finalists: September 2020

2125 by Sean Ian (USA)

4431: The Israel Naor Story by Israel Naor (USA)

A Better Life by Anthony Ellington (USA)

A Glimpse of My Life Thru My Eyes by Frank Mancuso (USA)

A Stop In Destiny by Jim Norman (USA)

Actress Quarantine by Alina Nastase (USA)

All Is Not Lost by Eric Strang (USA)

All Souls’ Day by Maria Egieva (UK)

Australia Calling by Jodi Haigh (Australia)

Bird in the Wild by Giosué Bottini (USA)

Black Orchid Challenge by Kevin Cappiello (USA)

Bluetopia by Nin Meyboom (Canada)

Breaking Barriers by Matt Lorenzo and Chandan Singh (USA)

Checking Out by Ant Mahoney (USA)

Checkmate by Adia Bell (USA)

Choices by Michael McCallum (USA)

Clippers by Nur Alishah Tibor (USA)

Confession of A Broken Heart by James Brathwaite (USA)

Crosswalk by Jim Burger and Michelle Burger (USA)

Czech Canada Narrates by Petr Pokovba (Czech Republic)

Dark Night by Ira Farmer (USA)

Day 15 by Arnaldo Wilson (USA)

Delivery by Michael Bitanga (USA)

Dinner by Deniz Akyurek (USA)

Don’t Ask Where I Live by Jennifer Wenger and Genevieve Marie (USA)

Don’t Make it Awkward by Nikki Estridge (USA)

Edzná by Roxana Eslamieh (USA)

Elected Girl by A Adams (USA)

Eva Carroll Monroe and the Lincoln Colored Home by Mary Frances (USA)

Eyes Of Chariots: Fatigue by Cody Beale (USA)

Fallen Brother by Christopher Cass (USA)

George by Roy Boucher (USA)

Give it Space by Sarah Goff (USA)

Hope by Iyanna Sheree (USA)

I-Scream by Neet Neilson (UK)

Incredible Insight – The Story of His Ability by Kushal Dasgupta (India)

It’s Called Revenge by Michelle Burger (USA)

Karma by Melissa Smith and DeWayne Richards (USA)

Kite by Yumeng He (USA)

Late Spring in New York by Thomas Lange (USA)

Locked by Aleni Ghusayni (Lebanon)

Long Night by Marjorie Galluccio (France)

Lost Between The Trees by Ambz Negro (USA)

Maga Land by Michael Kureth (USA)

Muse In Life by Juan Wang (USA)

My Friend Paul by Emmett Redding (Australia)

Natamowekow by Natanowekow (James Frechette, Jr) and Robert Kanyusik (USA)

O My Nation (Ya Ummati) by Mohammed K Paika (USA)

One Night in Portland by Ethan Bochicchio (USA)

Open by Tina B (USA)

Pawns by Jaane Doe (USA)

Perfect by Parham Hasibi (USA)

Riflessivo, Reflective by Maii Fallara (Canada)

School of Idiots by Sheldon Mashugana by Dean Morgan (USA)

Shadows by Mette Holt (USA)

Silence by Renata Batista (USA)

Story by Pierre Frigon and Felipe Guazzelli (Canada)

Surprise! by D. Edward Lemmink (USA)

The Adventures of Piccolo Joe by Marko Ristic (USA)

The Invasion by Ernest Johnson (USA)

The King of SE15 by 6 of One (UK)

The Lake by Alexander Tuschinski and Laura Meroth (Germany)

The Late Bird by Kane French (USA)

The Mad Dentist by Alberto Scisco (Italy)

The Obsession by Ahmad Balaom (Israel)

The Shot by Kristopher Colavecchio (USA)

The Sign on the Cemetery Said: You Don’t Know What You Missed by Sean Guistini (Canada)

The Traveller by Jake McCormick (Australia)

The Wizarding World of White Claw by Elliot White and Harry White (USA)

There’s No Place for a Uke on Halloween by Elizabeth Usher (Australia)

These Brownies by Benjamin Shapiro (USA)

Those Who Don’t Like Handel Will Be Roughly Handled by Sergey Solovyov (USA)

Through the Wire by Umi (USA)

Transit by Kartikay D Pawar (India)

Travel Today with Lea: Dana Point by Lea Welles (USA)

Truth Hertz by Shaun Majumder (USA)

Vinyl Memories by Pierre Frigon (Canada)

When I Can’t Afford The Rent, I’m Eager for the Figurines of My Friend’s by Zhipu Wang (China)

Yup by Maggi (Iceland)






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