Finalists: October 2019

Independent Shorts Awards

1947: A Space Odyssey by Tom Lazarus (USA)

A Hong Kong Farmer’s Lot by Andy Chau Man Kit (Hong Kong)

Allegory of the Cave 2.0 by Filippo Becciani (USA)

Allen by Han Chuan Kuo (USA)

An Offering by Jono Eshleman (USA)

Beauty by Jason Riker (USA)

Blaze: Dances of the Yokai (The Tale of the Assassin and the Samurai) by Deliris Films and The Kitsunés (USA)

Burbank Burglary by Steven Scott Clayton (USA)

Confession by Chuqiao Li (USA)

Dark by Yavor Rangelov (USA)

Destiny’s Road by Kameishia D Wooten (USA)

Doodle by Mo Caicedo (USA)

Ensayo 3: Malta by Hans Neumann (USA)

Eyewash by Divina Doveyo (USA)

Eyewitness by Fadi Ragheb (Kuwait)

First Blood: The Making Of A Serial Killer by Martin Gatica (USA)

Found by Alexander Luu (USA)

Ganzfeld by Anthony Culanag (USA)

Her Wedding Day by Peter Loza (USA)

Hey Zeus by Jose A Acosta (USA)

Joshy by Josh Kaplan (USA)

Last Rites by Ron Kanecke and Matt Johanning (USA)

Lone Wolf by Jocelyne Berumen (USA)

Luna by Viren Shinde (USA)

Man and Kin by Max Johnson (USA)

Meow Bow Wow by Bronny Lane (Australia)

My American Dream by Fritz Frauendorf and Lincoln Fu (USA)

Need to Stop by Dylan Trupiano, Noah Morse and Nir Liebenthal (USA)

On The Line by Silvia de Leonardis (Germany)

Once the Night by Xinhe Liu (China)

One Night in Hong Kong Bistro by Leilani Amour Arenzana (USA)

One Night Stand-Up by Dimple Chawla (UK)

Parkinson’s Third Wind by Peter Barton (USA)

Poolside by Halle Frieden (USA)

Red Karma by Mi Kwan Lock (France)

Rendezvous by Dieter Michael Grohmann (Belgium)

Rock and Roll by Christopher Beech (UK)

Space Jump by Brady Hall (USA)

Stage Fright by Jordan D. Work (USA)

Stuck by Youngbin Yang (USA)

Synnopsis by Mike Johnston (Canada)

The Boy, The Girl, and The Trumpet by Lauryn Johnson (USA)

The Circle by Carlton Thompson (USA)

The Deejay by Andrew Bloomenthal (USA)

The Human Condition by Jon Stewart (USA)

The Listing by Matthew Hersh (USA)

The New World Order by Debra Doggett (USA)

The Return of Space Girl by David Henderson (USA)

Through Your Eyes by Eamonn Hawke (Australia)

Unclaimed Remains: Forgotten by Tom Phillips (USA)

Uncle Gareth by Chris London (USA)

Via Sacra by Lisa Kimura (Japan)

Wasters by Molotov Mitchell (USA)

We Need To Cancel The Wedding by Jiakai Jin (USA)

White Collar Lie by Quinn Garcia (USA)

Who Ordered Love? by Anban Govindarajan (UAE)

Women by Jeff Grace (USA)







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