Finalists: January 2020

Finalists (Official Selection)

1,000 Years a Witness by Bryan Downey (USA)

100% Girl by Chen Liangyu (Taiwan)

3 Eggs by Kaori Deguchi (Japan)

A Disturbed Reflection by Anthony Cintron (USA)

A Helping Hand by Qiyu Zhou (USA)

A New Chapter by Deanna Schultz (USA)

After My Brother Died by Marianne Gardner (USA)

All The Imaginary Video Games I Scored by Ghiya Rushidat (USA)

American Hate by Daniel Brea (USA)

Anything For My Mother by Alex Meridy (USA)

Bedfellows by April Matson (USA)

Bench by Usman Mukhtar (Pakistan)

Berlin Bernauer Straße: Time Travel by Ingo Bruchhold (Germany)

Binge Interrupted by Josh Huffine (USA)

Boomslang by Trevor Ryan (USA)

Boys Are Emotional by Thierry Sorlini and Jeremy Légaré (Canada)

Carol by Zoë Takaki (USA)

Cedar Creek by Dick DeAngelis (USA)

Coastal Fire: A Common Diary by Susan Maughlin Wood (USA)

Crumb and Crust by Yuri Choe (USA)

Darkhorse by Joe Hassler (USA)

Dating Dilemmas by Louise Lee Mei and Turei Cooze (Australia)

Davies by Shannon Chance (USA)

Dream With One Eye Open by Even Wu (USA)

Dustslicker by Gina Nemo (USA)

Earl Grey by Kirsten Wehr (Germany)

Easy Street by Jeffrey Schimmer and Eevi Rola (USA)

Empty Shell by Sue Graham (UK)

Etah Semirc: Hate Crimes by David D Haynes II (USA)

Façade by Omar Farooq (USA)

Facing The Sky by Celine Lochmeier (Switzerland)

Foto Album by Hanyu Bao (USA)

Gandalf The Whizzer by Sean Lackey (USA)

Get Together! by Akira Matsuda (Japan)

God’s Plan by Kevin Simms (USA)

Her Story by Ten Liliya and Aigulya Adjieva (Kyrgyzstan)

Hurry Up by Valeriia Luhovska (Ukraine)

I Remember by Matthew Rice (USA)

Jump Suit by Holly Brix (USA)

Just Another Beautiful Family by Katherine North and Nick North (Canada)

Just Get Up by Flo Logan (USA)

Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker by Deirdre Allen Timmons (USA)

Long Live the Pollywog by Christopher Uhler (USA)

Lost and Found by Dezmyre Volmeus (USA)

Lost Petals by Ryan Oligmueller (USA)

Making Men by Antoine Panier (Belgium)

Maria by Robert Burns (USA)

Misophonia by Joe Eckstein (USA)

Monstrosity by James Rowlins (Singapore)

Morning Glory by Vanessa North Scarpelli (USA)

My Gold Lining: A Documentary Film on Hidradenitis Suppurativa by Jasmine Espy (USA)

N.O.T News by Phoebe Fangyuan Li (USA)

Nacre by Ben Johnson (USA)

Neighbors, Breakups and Surprises by Miguel “Mike” Medina (USA)

Noble Inc by Paul Brenno (USA)

Not Just Meena by Sandra Shelly (USA)

Over and Over by Wyatt Key (USA)

Polar Opposites by Bala Santosh Majji (USA)

Portrait by Tyler McDonald (USA)

Prufrock by Gerlad Varney (USA)

Santa Force by David Zayas Jr. (USA)

Seduced by Anastaija Omelianiuk (Ukraine)

Serve And Protect by Stephanie Santos (USA)

Shame Room by William Stancik (USA)

Side View by Tosh Leykum (Germany)

Sunny Side Up by Jeremy Heslup (USA)

Sweet Honey Overdrive by Julia San Andres, Conor Twohy, Niko Trusko, Noah Friend, Jo Sanford and Emily Austin (USA)

The Bra by Frank Modica (USA)

The Eyes On Me by Zane Van Cleave and Devin Van Cleave (USA)

The Jewish 48’ers: In the American Civil War by Peter Kovacs Rosenbluth (UK)

The Letter by Jiyoung Jung (South Korea)

The Long Game by Mustafa Abbas (United Arab Emirates)

The Paradox by Dylan Reed (USA)

The Ruby Earring by Yi Zhang (USA)

The Rural Road by Stephen Radley III (USA)

The Temporary Place by Garrett McNamee (USA)

The Way I Used to Know by Don Swanson (USA)

Three Minutes by Victoria Kieburtz (USA)

Tiny Dark Room by Kelsey Grim (USA)

Trainwrecks by Kay Day (USA)

Transplants by John Gonzales (USA)

Truth Lies Upstream by Robb Rokk (USA)

Viscera by Ashlee Macropoulos (USA)

We Can Only Meet Again If We Become Ourselves by Faruk Kurtuluş (Turkey)

Who is Ida? by Ken Kobre (USA)

Zombie Love by Nicolas Robini (France)






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