Finalists: December 2020

2020 Fuori Moda by Irene Antonucci (Italy)

A Day In The “Favelas” by Ellen Flores (USA)

An Evening Game by Georgy Keburiya (Georgia)

Blaze by David Antoine (USA)

Breaking Bread by Yuan Li Elizabeth Xu (USA)

Conditionally by Sierra Puett (USA)

Covid Room by Patty Babin (USA)

Deception Streets by Andrea Ward (USA)

Equal by Hanane Bendisari (Canada)

Filmtrips by Bill Hayward (USA)

First Steps by Joe Favalaro (Canada)

Hear Me Out by Asaad Kelada (USA)

High, How Are You? by Ashley Landrieu (USA)

History In Da Streetz (Lucy Depp) by Shawn Yates (USA)

I Am Someone’s Daughter by Celeste Balducci (USA)

I Had An Affair With My Husband by Francesco Nuzzi (USA)

I, Woman. by Sandu Negrea and Hana Noka (USA)

Infected by Alfonso Moreno (Spain)

Just By Chance by Antoinette Fernandez (USA)

Lemonade by Tommy Kelly (USA)

Made Up by Vivien Jin (Canada)

Marvel-less by Christopher Kelley (USA)

Mistress of Tears by Nicole A. Romine (USA)

My Chin by August Macdonald (USA)

My Perfection by Susie Sparkes (Australia)

Nessie & Bessie: A Tale of Two Monsters by Peter Arpesella (USA)

Nightshift by Alexander Samuilov (USA)

Operation 2020 by Jeff Stenzel (USA)

Our Harlem by Michael Sloman (USA)

Rise by Hannah Byrd (USA)

Smile by Brenna Noyes (USA)

Struck by Lightning by Romet Esko and Raul Esko (Estonia)

Submit by Daniel Antunez (USA)

Sweet Revenge by Sushruth (USA)

The Arrival by Lara St John (USA)

The Thought of Death by Braeden Hall (USA)

The Treachery of Love by June Ann D’Angelo (USA)

The Unmentionables by Lance Lucero (USA)

The World According to Covid – or Behind the Mask 2 by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Thorns On A Bluebird by Tameika Buggage (USA)

Twisted Dreams by Yvette (Karamell Jones) Walters (USA)

Visio by Antonio Lugo (Puerto Rico)

Walk the Beach by Veronica Gillotti (USA)

Watered Down Grief by Diane Lee (USA)






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