Finalists: August 2023

A Curious Woman by Kelby Thwaits (USA)

Aquarius by R. Djordan (France)

Arming the Left by Will Allen-DuPraw (USA)

Before The Freeze by Tenley E. Raj (USA)

Big Break by Harrison Shook (USA)

Canary by Taka Tsubota (USA)

Dade Cook by Henry G Burgos (USA)

Dear Dr. Bergman by Gloria Trinidad Deocón (Spain)

Don’t Mess With Baby by L. E. Coleman (USA)

Fellini Mastorna… A Film of No Return by Jennifer Glee Foley (USA)

Freedomtown: Not So Black and White by Morteza Rafiei (USA)

Henry VIII: The Shagger of History by Luke Marley (UK)

In The Zone by Connor Pritchard (New Zealand)

It’s All In Your Head by Mary Stow (UK)

Je by Zane (France)

Justice by Iurii Sumaneev (USA)

Lipstick on a Pig by Annsh Maithani (USA)

Lola’s Cigarettes by Zilia Thien Nguyen (USA)

Metamorphosis by Lila Wetzel (USA)

Out of My Mouth – Madeline Rosene by Moe Taylor (USA)

Pickleball Chronicles: Volume I by Dustin James Leighton (USA)

Ride In Peace by Anette Puskas (USA)

Something Awful by Lucian T Patton (USA)

Sunny by 신 선명 (South Korea)

Tansy by Zoe Xandra (USA)

Tapper by Brandon James Tyrie (USA)

The Adventures of Capt Sanchez – Loyalty Test by Jeff Michael Davies (USA)

The Child Who Will Find Their Way by Tris Ikeda (USA)

The Counseling by Yingna Wu (USA)

The Flash by Momò Lee (Italy)

The Heist (Plan) at Star Century Hotel by Logan O’Brien (USA)

The Look by Trevor Schmiddt (Canada)

The Mohel’s Dilemma by Sammy Yadidian (USA)

The Safe Place by Luke Marinaro (USA)

The Wild Bunch by Richard G Miller (USA)

Therapy Session by Darryl Koi Pugh (USA)

Under the Setting Moon by Colton Bruce Crawford (USA)

ZeitGeist by Puck de Haan (Netherlands)






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