Silver Awards: August 2023

Best Indie ShortLemons by Matt Handy (Canada)

Best Drama ShortSelf Tape by Christopher Newhard (USA)

Best Documentary ShortCha Cha Charlie by Matt Bieler (USA)

Best Comedy ShortSnap Away: The Search for the Opalescent Arctail by Cole Goco (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortGuru by Soroush Hosseini (Iran)

Best Action ShortMiles Ryder by King Bach (USA)

Best Crime Short: Omerta: The Commission Has Fallen by Nolan Tondreau (USA)

Best Film Noir Short: Someone Who is Punctual by Haibo Wang (China)

Best Horror ShortKept by Alex Geschwind and Steven Celestin (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortThe Common Good by Stefan Gutternigh and Eva Amann (Austria)

Best Western ShortKill Them All and Don’t Come Back Alone by Enrique Novials (Spain)

Best Experimental ShortAntiquarius by Jacek Krawczyk (Poland)

Best Student ShortBlue Cow by Tom Foy (New Zealand)

Best Children ShortSpace Station Village EP8: Miss You to the Stars by Yi-Feng Kao (Taiwan)

Best Women ShortWar on Women by Brooke Malesan (Canada)

Best LGBTQ Short: You’re My Best Friend by Jazmin Vasquez (USA)

Best Music VideoIcons by Sophia Amato and Gary Carr (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotSpace Station Village EP8: Miss You to the Stars by Yi-Feng Kao (Taiwan)

Best Female Director: Jessy Dong for Unspooling Wind (USA)

Best Male Director: Sean Patrick Bologna for The Mudslingers (USA)

Best Student Male Director: Cole Goco for Snap Away: The Search for the Opalescent Arctail (USA)

Best First Time Female Director: Sam Romersa for Smoking in Circles (USA)

Best First Time Male Director: Stefan Gutternigh and Eva Amann for The Common Good (Austria)

Best Young Filmmaker: Andrew Emmanuel Santibanez Vela for Bluebook (USA)

Best Actress: Johanna Soudry Blasco for My Baby (France)

Best Actor: Lance E. Nichols for A Touch of Magic (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Page Kennedy for Roberta’s Rules (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Brayden Gleave for The Can (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Anaïs Noveras and Reden Magtira for Good Filipino Kids (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Mia McKenna-Bruce, Simon Manyonda, Tara Fitzgerald, and Geoff Bell for Blue Bell Hill (UK)

Best Cinematography: Katie Mlinek for Familiar (USA)

Best Editing: Natasha Roland for Cha Cha Charlie (USA)

Best Production Design: My Nguyen for Roberta’s Rules (USA)

Best Sound DesignMiles Ryder (USA)

Best Original ScoreFamiliar (USA)

Best Original Story: Norman Ng for Glass Works (Hong Kong)

Best Trailer/TeaserOne Date by King Bach (USA)

Best Short ScriptBeauty Heist by Leeya Rose Jackson (USA)






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