Bronze Awards: August 2023

Best Indie ShortGood Filipino Kids by Andrew Acedo (USA)

Best Drama ShortRoberta’s Rules by Derrex Brady (USA)

Best Documentary ShortIcons by Sophia Amato and Gary Carr (USA)

Best Comedy ShortPee Pee Platter by Jon Conklin (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortSnafu by Phillip Soulliere (USA)

Best Action ShortPrey by Alps Lifee (UK)

Best Crime Short: Pollo Loco by Derek Bauder (USA)

Best Film Noir Short: Blue Bell Hill by Geoff Bell (UK)

Best Mystery Short: Prototype by Stian Glatthard (Switzerland)

Best Thriller Short: Just a Ride by Wil Willis (USA)

Best Horror Short: One Date by King Bach (USA)

Best Western Short: The First Cowboy by Jose-Luis Ruiz (USA)

Best Experimental ShortLights from Submerged Worlds by Fabio Canale (Brazil)

Best Student ShortHidden Above 2: The Mystery Unfolds by Parker Viale (USA)

Best Children ShortBlub Blub by Eddie Yukun Long (USA)

Best Women ShortWhat’s in the Forest by Zoe Alexandra (USA)

Best Microfilm: Places Been by Cameron Bortolussi (USA)

Best Music VideoLove Is My Gun by Valerie Verseau (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotBig Girl Love by RaJeana Price (USA)

Best Male Director: Christopher Newhard for Self Tape (USA)

Best Student Female Director: Sydney A Steinberg for Sara (USA)

Best Student Male Director: Yuanhao Deng for The Invisible Musical Note (China)

Best First Time Female Director: Sasha Landy for Scream (USA)

Best First Time Male Director: Nolan Tondreau for Omerta: The Commission Has Fallen (USA)

Best Actress: Carmen Serano for Roberta’s Rules (USA)

Best Actor: Derrex Brady for Roberta’s Rules (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Angela Grace Martin for The Can (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Ian Randolph for Snafu (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Giovanni Cristoff for Roberta’s Rules (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Shadow C. LaValley and Hannah Schill for The Can (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Derrex Brady, Carmen Serano, Page Kennedy, Aida Rodriguez, Giovanni Cristoff, Sean Holland, Vanoy Burnough, June Christopher, Casey Zeman, Jasmine Sim, Shane Dorriz, Mike Foy, David Michael Moran, John Taferner, Michael Gitomer, Tammie Young, Tiffany Walker, Sara Albrecht, Selam Seifu, Ryu Brady, Zara Morrison, Deborah Marcano, Phyllis Duke, Janina Bates, and Patricia Bates for Roberta’s Rules (USA)

Best Cinematography: The Mudslingers (USA)

Best Editing5 Ways to Live Before You Die (USA)

Best Production DesignMotherlode (USA)

Best Sound Design: Sebastian Oswald for The PAntry (Germany)

Best Original Score: Jordan Paul Rousseau for Day 9 (USA)

Best Original Story: Andrew Pierce Chesworth for The Brave Locomotive (USA)

Best Short ScriptBlood Will Have Blood by John Kestner (USA)






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