Finalists: April 2022

10 Things I Am Grateful For by Jesus Alejandro Nunez (USA)

A Long Time Gone by Robert George Haines (USA)

Angyil by Fanny Texier (USA)

Big and Small Detective by Min Tao (China)

Billie & Mark Almost Get Killed – Can You Dig It? by Samantha J McDonald (USA)

Bliss by Sarah Gold (USA)

Bougie Baes by Tess Paras (USA)

Cats Vs. Geese by Rachel Maria Santos (USA)

Chicken by Blake Snowden Thorne (USA)

Don’t Fall Asleep by Elizabeth Jane Findley (USA)

Drained by Alex Klivan (USA)

Generation Sparrow Action by Brandon Delgado (USA)

Happy Loaf by Erik J. S. DeFries (USA)

Kat Killed My Cat by Javier Navarrete (USA)

Live Forever by Tyler Posey (USA)

Main Bhi Social by Nitin Patil (USA)

No Pants On by Asha Chai-Chang (USA)

Our World Inside by Ruth Ducker (UK)

Panophobia by Kendra Vazquez (USA)

Parkbench Hero Part II by Maïté Hauser (France)

Pop by Aamina Treymeine (USA)

Prophet by Maggi Hel (Iceland)

Pulses Of The Pavements by Varoujan Froundjian (USA)

Reunion by Dayana Reyna (Guatemala)

Scary Story by Larry Guernsey (USA)

Shall Not Perish from the Earth by Maxwell N. Lewis (USA)

SpeakUP by L.E.A.H (Canada)

SpeakUP II (Moulding Masks) by L.E.A.H (Canada)

The Actress by Madeline C. Maida (USA)

The Alan Song by Susan Mey Lee Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, and Samudra Kajal Saikia (Singapore)

The Broken Road by Andrew Kivett and Stephen Radley III (USA)

The Excursion by Mark Higgins (UK)

The First Sieve is the Truth by Molin Liu (China)

The Sun Line – Fire in the Pines by Peter A English (USA)

The Visitor by Mike Provenzano and Joe Schufreider (USA)

To My Father… by İzem Ayşegül Pendik (Turkey)

Urban Art Tribute by Cid Travaglia (Brazil)

Vindicate by Samuel K Pittman (USA)

Wildfire by Shyam Karki (Nepal)

With Her by Megan McBride and Caroline Mork (USA)






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