World premiere of powerful award-winning African drama “Seven (Wolonwula)” at the 2023 Annual Awards in September


Award-winning 21-minute African drama “Seven (Wolonwula)” (Mali) premieres at the 2023 Annual Awards this September at Regal LA Live.

Nominated for Best Women Short of the Year, the compelling women-driven short film directed by young Malian Fousseyni Maiga plays in Block 2, Cinema #12, on September 16ht, at 12.35pm.

Seven (Wolonwula)” revolves around Hadéja, 28, a young African woman excommunicated by her family and rejected in her native village for not be able to give birth successfully.

For years, she consulted several marabouts and sorcerers in vain. She takes refuge in the sacred village of Siratogo, where she is kindly welcomed by a learned septuagenarian. And this time, with the new pregnancy, there’s a revelation that the child she is carrying is a celestial body. But evil spirits have sworn that Hadéja will not give birth to her child, who is seen as a future threat to their brotherhood.

Malian filmmaker Fousseyni Maiga

Seven (Wolonwula)” was awarded Best Foreign-Language Film (Special Jury Award) of the monthly season of November 2022.

Malian filmmaker Fousseyni Maiga, director of National Center of Cinematography of Mali, is one of the special guests of this year and will be at Regal LA Live, downtown Los Angeles.

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