Block 2. Women 

Regal LA Live, Cinema #12 – 12.35pm-2.20pm


Kate, Cathy and cAtherinE… The sister, the mother, the heroïne and the weight of an existence or the facets of one and the same woman? Under the caresses of her sister, cAtherinE rushes into the throes of her childhood. The beginning of a liberation that continues on the edge of the void.

Directed by Hervine De Boodt (France)

World premiere


Cord of Three

After a long time, devout and obedient sister Christa meets her denied love Valeria at her monastery. Now Christa has to make a decision.

Directed by Sophia Kindt (Germany)


Ja Tibia Ubju (I Love You)

Why overcome your fears when you can just run away from them? This is the main motto of Saulės life, but gradually, constant running leads the girl to even greater challenges…

Directed by Silvija Kuodytė (Lithuania)

USA premiere


Still Breathing

Anna’s life has stagnated. While having a casual relationship with her ex boyfriend, she is working as an intern at a public school. Nothing seems to make sense, and when Anna finds out she is pregnant she has to make a choice.

Directed by Emma Birkø (Denmark)

World premiere


As Possible As Everything

The story of a short journey where one witnesses the disappointment and the ways of the fight and surrender of two woman in a broken down car.

Directed by Selen Örcan (Turkey)

California premiere


Seven (Wolonwula)

Hadéja, 28, has been pregnant since she was 21. For years, she consulted several marabouts and sorcerers in vain. Excommunicated by her family and rejected in her native village, she takes refuge in the sacred village of Siratogo, where she is kindly welcomed by a learned septuagenarian. And this time, with the new pregnancy, there’s a revelation that the child she is carrying is a celestial body. But evil spirits have sworn that Hadéja will not give birth to her child, who is seen as a future threat to their brotherhood.

Directed by Fousseyni Maiga (Mali)

World premiere


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