Behind The Light: A Mashup Documentary

Behind The Light: A Mashup Documentary
Behind The Light: A Mashup Documentary

“Behind The Light: A Mashup Documentary” starring singer/songwriter Sarah Smith and film director Stacy Poulos. This mashup behind-the-scenes documentary is a story of two small-town women, one a Canadian pop-rock star, the other an award-winning Californian filmmaker. Armed with a crew of five, they reached international recognition and wound up sharing a first-run movie marquee with a major feature film. This is the first feature short film created with ‘selfie videos.’ Music, television and film enthusiasts will enjoy following the journey of this award-winning music video as it comes to fruition.

Directed by Stacy Poulos (USA)


  1. Everything about this music video and documentary is a blessing. For me the most unbelievable part was ending up on the same movie marquee as Lucas Films; Rough One! That kind of thing never happens. Not even if you work for Lucas Films. Anyway if you’re in the movie or music business. You will appreciate this journey. Thank you for watching! Make sure you support Sarah’s music! – Stacy Poulos Director. XOXO

  2. Such a wonderfully entertaining team – the video is amazing and the mash up tells the story from start to finish – amazing

  3. Not only a passionate short documentary Telly Award winning, it’s fascinating to see prominent filmmaker Stacy Poulos at work creating another masterpiece.
    With all my love and passion

  4. From day 1, I knew Sarah was Raw, Hard Core, and from the Heart to the Point Soul ! Stacy appears to be no different. The Video’s, Documentaries, Music, etc. All stem from One Uniform point and end with the same Conclussion, Heart, Truth, and a Journey Of seemingly Epic proportions ! Well done, as I’ve come to expect nothing less from either of You’s !! I never know What is around the next corner with Sarah, and Stacy is proving the same ! I await just the same, however impatiently ! 😏🙏

  5. What a cool documentary. It is heart warming and funny. Those two ladies are talented and a good team. I love it.

  6. This is such a kick ass production! So powerful and so full of passion! Love it. Never change a winning team!!

  7. The music that Sarah creates is done with passion and purpose. Stacy is able to capture this beautiful intensity and depict the message found in the song…you can feel the love in the light. Sarah’s dedication shines through

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