1. Sarah Smith is a bad ass. She is the ultimate independent musician. I often wonder how she dose it? She tours the world on her own dime. Lest than a month ago she was on stage with a ‘Rolling Stone’ of the THE Rolling Stones! This video shared the same movie marquee as Lucas Films; Rough One! We opened with the music video and documentary. Thank you Universe for the many blessings. And thank you Independent Shorts Awards for finding a way to honor the little people. XOXO Stacy Poulos Director

  2. Such a voice – such an eye – the two together tell a beautiful story –

  3. Sarah smith gets you into her heart ahe is amazing soul her music moves you simply amazing

  4. What a wonderful heart. Sarah works hard, never give up and is such a giver. When she is on stage you truly can feel that music is her passion. To know her means to love her.

  5. Sarah Smith is simply the best! Once you hear her music you instantly fall in love with her voice! She is an outstanding musician and each and every song she writes grabs you right away. She really ROCKS!

  6. Sarah creates the light with her powerful words and splendid music. Stacy captures the essence of Sarah’s beautiful song…they step into the light and shine bright

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