In “Caught”, Shane becomes increasingly obsessed with spying on his neighbor Jen from his apartment. He captures evidence of a mysterious and ominous Black Figure in her apartment, despite her being alone. When Shane sees the Figure apparently break Jen’s neck, he calls the police but realizes it was an illusion.
Despite his growing paranoia, Shane continues to spy on Jen and calls her to warn her about the Black Figure when he sees it in her apartment again. However, Jen discovers that Shane has been secretly taking pictures of her and threatens to retaliate by telling his secret.
The Black Figure begins to then torment Shane with terrifying visions and psychological torture, he tries to explain his harmless intentions to avoid the impending retribution. However, at a critical moment, Shane lets down his guard and the Figure pulls him out of his window to his death, leaving his broken body on the pavement below. “Caught” is a suspenseful and unsettling thriller that explores the dangers of voyeurism, obsession, and the terrifying consequences that can arise from crossing boundaries and invading someone’s privacy.

Directed by Leon Sandy Mitchell (USA)


  1. Loved this film! The suspense was amazing and lighting was phenomenal!

  2. Caught this at a screening in NYC and was very impressed. The storyline keeps you at the edge of your seat and the visuals are spectacular.

  3. Beautifully shot, with great performances. Definitely worth watching!

  4. Sounds Awesome. I can’t wait to see it!

    1. Awesome story and great suspense! I’m standing by to see more.

  5. The film is extremely interesting, suspenseful and thought provoking. I kept me on the edge of my seat! Amazing!

  6. the plot sounds interesting. can’t wait to see how it turns out

  7. perfect plot….it is going to be a perfect film

  8. Looking forward to seeing the short. It’s especially timely coming on the heels of three years of COVID stress and isolation.

  9. This looks exciting, I can’t wait to see it! Love a story with lots of twists and turns.

  10. The talent on this guy is amazing! Can’t wait to check it out.

  11. This storyline is intriguing. Can’t wait to see it!

  12. This is very exciting and I would like to see more from this group

  13. This sounds like my kind of movie, as a huge Hitchcock fan. Looking forward this modern thriller.

  14. Looking forward to seeing this. This is my type of movie!

  15. Good story line. I was really scared anticipating what would happen next.

  16. I love suspenseful movies. This is sure to be a hit. Caught my attention quickly. Can’t wait.

  17. Awesome story! and great suspense. I’m standing by to see more.

    1. Heart racing, intense edge of your seat suspense, this is definitely a must see! Very thought provoking and leaves you yearning for more! I look forward to more of your productions!! Great description with phenomenal production!

  18. The suspense had me from the beginning! Amazing and thrilling!

  19. Wow! What an amazing film short. It was so engaging that even though I wanted to look away, I just couldn’t. Lol I didn’t want to miss anything. The music, lighting, the back and forth between characters and apartments (setting), were just right.

  20. Man theses guys are going to go places great film

  21. Sounds like it’s an AMAZING and SUSPENSEFUL film. Can’t wait to see it

  22. Interesting story line! Can’t wait to see it!

  23. Awesome job!! Looking forward to seeing more. Great work Leon!

  24. Wow what an amazing storyline!! I love the suspense!! I can’t wait to see it !!

  25. I couldn’t sleep after this one. I enjoyed the suspense.

  26. What to say. An outstanding and gripping film seen at a movie premiere in NYC. Could not get enough of it! Looking forward to more to come from this special young man.

  27. Well thought out and creative storyline. There is so much to look forward to from this talented film maker. Bravo 👏

  28. Very suspenseful. I can see a lot of people being fans of this movie. Great work!

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