2023 Annual Awards: Finalists (Long List) – (A-Men)

The following projects are the annual finalists of 2023.

This year, the long list has 180 projects, chosen from the pool of the 12 monthly round finalists between May 2022 and April 2023, namely 3 899 films from 73 countries overall. The annual finalists are placed in the top 4,6% of the year.

The long list will be shortlisted now to lead to the annual nominees’ list (usually about 80 projects), the films that will be screened next September 16th at Regal Cinemas LA Live, during the 2023 Annual Awards.


1.2m by Dongjuan lvy (China)

A Dishonourable Death by Blok (UK)

A Leap into the Void by Mary Frances Attias, Adrian Alberto Santana, and Adrian Diaz (Dominican Republic)

A Rush of Peace by Jake Lockett (USA)

Angel Wings by Nick Simotas (USA)

Another Dead Sailor by Jack Lennard Willoughby (UK)

Aquarium In The Fishbowl by Sabrina Jane (China)

As Possible As Everything by Selen Örcan (Turkey)

Astrid’s Trip by Julie Doyle (USA)

August by Eli McGowan (USA)

Avast Ye Scallywag by Chris Spinas (South Africa)

Awake by William H. Abes (USA)

Bad at Small Talk by Viktor Horvath (USA)

Bad Vintage: A Randy Tale by Ben Élie (USA)

Banshee by Michael David Charles Hicks (USA)

Becoming Creature by Zoë Marden (UK)

Becoming Lucy by Jared Elkin (USA)

Between The Ocean And The Snow by Peder Thomas Pedersen and Heine Kaarsbjerg (Denmark)

Bliss and Sad by Chenxing Yang (China)

Block by João Vaz Oliveira (Portugal)

Blood Gum by Jonathan May (Australia)

Blue by Robert Petrie (USA)

Borrowed Time by Ginevra Gentil (UK)

Bravo Marcel – The Century Climber by Hannes Tell (Switzerland)

Breaking Iron by Ewa Bielska (USA)

Building a Bridge by Qingning Xiang (China)

Capture by Kean Levreault (USA)

Caroline by Riccardo Constant (USA)

Cat Lady by Liam Loughran (USA)

cAtherinE by Hervine De Boodt (France)

Caught by Leon Sandy Mitchell (USA)

Clown Needs a Rock Fix by Mike Shea (USA)

Confessions of a Closeted People Pleaser by Sam Morgan (USA)

Contained by Chih-Chieh Yu (Taiwan)

Cord of Three by Sophia Kindt (Germany)

Curettage by Sepideh Ghavami (Iran)

Cycle by Nazar Balanov (Ukraine)

Dark Cell by Jean-Michel Tari (France)

Dasher by Joaquim Adrià Pujol (USA)

Deadline by Marie Galløe (Denmark)

Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls by June K. Inuzuka (USA)

Distortion by Michael Daniel Bricker (USA)

Dust on Pebble by Vincent Naffréchoux (France)

Eeyou Istchee Trauma Rescue by Kavi Singh and Mourad Boukabache (Canada)

Eihwaz by Axel Rydén (Sweden)

El Paso 11:55 by Keith Jardine (USA)

Emotional Baggage by Yuen Wang (USA)

Endurance by Imre van Opstal (Netherlands)

Entanglement by Yashaswini Nath (India)

Escape by Andres Di Bono (USA)

Everything Is Not What It Seems by Anton Chernonog (USA)

Exhaust by Lucy Velik and Jesse Velik (Australia)

Face by Sophia Kyriacou (UK)

Family Tree by Xin Yan (USA)

Finger Bang Your Day by Jeff Hilliard and John Orphan (USA)

First Time Caller by Nate Allison (USA)

Fleeced by Wesley Alley (USA)

Floating by Zihan Zhang (USA)

Forgetting Nobody by Robert T E Jones (USA)

Gemini by Tadeu Vieira Marinho (Brazil)

Giuli – It Was A Dream by Meri Gelagutashvili (Germany)

Goodbye, Hello by Omkar Phatak (India)

Gulabo Rani by Usman Mukhtar (Pakistan)

Guru by Thomas Dalais (USA)

Half-meter by Zebang Yang (China)

Happy Noodle by Helen Chan (USA)

Heiße (Luft) by Clara Louise Haas (Germany)

Hotel Sweet Hotel by Roberto Flores Prieto and Julio Azar (Colombia)

I Didn’t Mean To Go Mental by Layne Marie Williams (USA)

I See You by Michael Carnick (USA)

Interracial Couple In A Cheerios Ad by Christine Lakin (USA)

It Listens by Paul Alanis (USA)

Ja Tibia Ubju (I Love You) by Silvija Kuodytė (Lithuania)

Jawai by Katya Ignatiev (UK)

Jelly Bean by Nessa Norich (USA)

Keep On Looking by Emanuel Vazquez Santana (Argentina)

Kombucha Cure by Cecilia Choi (USA)

Launch at Paradise by Carrie Ann Quinn (USA)

Left by Skyler Bible (USA)

Letters to Axél by Miles Lopez (USA)

Leydenville by Dale Fabrigar (USA)

Lifetime Trial by Miya Wang (China)

Lineage by Finnegan Haid (USA)

Little Hoo Hoo by Jiayao Yu (China)

Lonely Mary by Vika Stubblebine (USA)

Loved by David Joseph Higgins (USA)

Mamita by Carlo D’Amore (USA)

Marble Worms by Juliana Betancourth (USA)

Means to an End by Tanya Wheeler (New Zealand)

Men in Cars by Molly Vernon (USA)


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