A Dishonourable Death

A Dishonourable Death.

“A Dishonourable Death” is a darkly comic, debut short film, satirising traditional manifestations of honour through a warped masculine lens… exploring varying degrees of prejudice across the board: class, race, sex and the perception of ’the hero’. The film toys with the concept of heroism. What exactly is that? Who is the hero here? Is there one? Or are there only victims? Can heroism in its traditional form exist in such a dark and twisted chaos, where the foundations of moral value are built on what may or may have not been said in a pub… once upon a time. Is it worth it? And to whom?

Set in 1837, we bear witness to a gentleman’s duel on the outskirts of London, England… A case of mistaken identity, poor timekeeping, injured pride masquerading as honour, a set of incredibly old and unreliable duelling pistols, and what we have is a whirlwind journey of oddity and quite a bit of both intentional and unintentional death-doing…

Directed by Blok (UK)

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