The Invisible Army

The Invisible Army

Based on the book The Invisible Army, the film is a breathtaking narrative, that tells the story of an invisible war fought in the body of a boy: mortal combat between the defense army – formed by
cells that protect the organism – and the fearful invaders – the bacteria, willing to do anything to win.

Heroes and villains of this war are presented as captivating characters who, in a lucid context filled with adventures, offer child and teenager audiences a new understanding of how the human organism is exposed to such invisible enemies and what we can do to protect ourselves.

The film introduces parents and educators a different and effective way to approach largely relevant subjects for today, such as the importance of healthy food and care with our hygiene – in such a way
that, escaping from didactic molds, induces the child and teenager to reflect upon the subject and also to have fun.

By following up the adventures of characters such as the wise Rafmasterson Baron, the leader of the defense army, and the brave soldiers Palfe, Hunt and Luc, the reader will be lead to a journey into an overwhelming and unknown world: the inside of his/her own body. And, together with the characters, he/
she will learn how to win that war.

Directed by Michael Krymchantowski and Jonathan Manuel Camargo Labeau (USA)

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