ICE Dealer EP 4

ICE Dealer EP 4

The African and African American cultures are united by weed. Badu meets Dro, the owner of Weed World, and he has had a difficult time getting his license from the government to open up the dispensary. He has over 100 employees, and now, their jobs are on the line. Dro then decides he wants to go into the diamond business with Badu. Despite the rapid success of Weed World, their neighbor, Erica, is annoyed by the idea of the store. Her complaining eventually has her tied in with the issues at Weed World.

Pako, the manager of Weed World, brought his educated brother Gorgi from Africa to America. Gorgi didn’t understand that his degree would be worth nothing, so he was devastated to hear that he would have to work meaningless jobs. Gorgi is blindsided with the idea of living lavishly in the United States, thus getting him in trouble. Pako marries a Latina woman, Jenny. His open-mindedness led to his family pushing him away and disowning him. Jenny’s mom never wanted his daughter to be with an African man. These two have come together to make a baby boy even though their parents were against it.

We then have Moussa, who lived in the United States, then left to go back home to Africa, where he became a diamond guy. He came back to the United States, looking for a partner in his diamond business. Moussa eventually encounters problems with Badu and his partner about the money they gave him for the diamonds. The Senegalese president was helping Moussa’s boss to bring the diamonds to the United States, but now there’s a new president. Moussa’s boss wants to start a violent rebellion to take the new president down, but Badu and Dro disagree with this plan.

Harlem is the division amongst the Africans and the African Americans. On the side of the Africans is Baye Matar, who has become a part of the drug world with the African Americans. In the beginning, he thought it was all love because they are Black like him, but it was all a ploy to use him. With Baye Matar working with the Uptown gangsters, it puts him and his family at risk.

Outside of Weed World are the African American drug dealers who sell their weed in front of the shop. The Downtown gangsters were bothered about their merchandise barely selling on the streets, so they decided to send two women to Weed World to sell their weed, which ended up in a nightmare.

The Uptown gangster, Mr. D, wants to take over the streets behind his boss’ back, Blacky. Blacky sits at the top of the throne, trusting and managing his crew and merchandise. Mr. D ends up betraying Blacky by shooting his delivery guy. Therefore, he has to figure out how to eliminate the delivery guy amid the conflict between the Uptown and Downtown gangsters. Mr. D has to resolve the problems that he created while trying to take over Harlem.

Directed by Djiby latdegun Drame (USA)

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