Your Guardian

World premiere of “Your Guardian”, on Serbia’s Turbulent 1990s, at the 2022 Annual Awards in September

Your Guardian

Award-winning 20-minute student film “Young Guardian” (UK) premieres at the Independent Short Awards 2022 Annual Awards in Hollywood. Nominated for Best Student Short and Best Female Director of the Year, the compelling drama directed by Mimi Vlaovic plays in the block 7 (Women Voices) on September 17th, 8pm, at Raleigh Studios.

Set in Belgrade, 1992, with Yugoslavia falling apart, “Young Guardian” revolves around the freshly graduated Mina and her soon-to-be-recruited boyfriend plan to leave the country. The only thing left is to tell Mina’s conservative family.

Mimi Vlaovic

“I noticed that at a time of crisis, your parents, godfathers, siblings, potential and real partners – all think they know what’s best for you and want to be your guardians. The theme that I’m discovering is how you let go of these lives other people planned for you and embrace your inner guardian. I tried to feel the similarities and differences of me and my parents (whose experiences from the 90s inspired this script) deeply and merge our struggles of fighting for the right to listen to our inner guardians in these very different times”, states director Mimi Vlaovic.

Awarded Best Foreign-Language Film of the Month in the season of January 2022.

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