Block 7. Women Voices (Sep 17th, 8pm – 10pm)

Troubadours Célestes 

Between a philandering husband and a deaf governess, the entourage of Anouchka, a provincial chatelaine, does not seem to bring her the happiness she expects, until the day when a future with wings of hope emerges…

Directed by Hervine De Boodt (France)

Moon in the Cloud

A professional Ukrainian theatre actress in Canada discovers tragic news from back home that threatens her upcoming performance. Being away from the family, Selena lives through traumatic experience, and tries to redefine the thin line between life and art.

Directed by Liliya Roys (Canada)

Your Guardian

Belgrade, 1992. Yugoslavia is falling apart. Sensing that the situation is only heating up, regardless of what the media says, freshly graduated Mina and her soon-to-be-recruited boyfriend plan to leave the country that night. The only thing left is to tell Mina’s conservative family, at a Saint Guardian celebration.

Directed by Mimi Vlaovic (UK)

World premiere

The Secret Dimension

The Secret Dimension

The psychiatrist Dong Huiwen is treating a physicist who has become crazy. In the process of treating the patient, bizarre things keep happening which drives Dong Huiwen’s thoughts more and more confused and she is verging on a breakdown…

Directed by Jia Cheng Wu (China)

World premiere

Kiss Me At Dead Of Night

Kiss Me at Dead of Night

A man and woman, Yuji and Yui, have committed an irreversible crime. Yuji is convinced that they wouldn’t be able to escape, so he persuade that Yui turn herself in with him. But she rejects his suggestion and flees the scene…

Directed by Dai Sako (Japan)

Los Angeles premiere

Hot Mother

At an idyllic spa retreat a vacationing mother and daughter bicker and avoid connection. An unfortunate accident occurs. Inspired by a true story.

Directed by Lucy Knox (New Zealand)

North America premiere