Drowning in Paradise

Drowning in Paradise

With a surfer’s centered gaze and an ultra feminine touch, Drue de Milo is both star and director of her video. Visuals akin to the best of Herb Ritts’ work on this very same stretch of beach in Montauk, with the spice of a little Tarantino-esque drama, evoke the sensation of being invincible.

Having been muse for many male directors and fashion designers in the past, Drue summoned one of her own in WSL surfer Leif Engstrom.

A cathartic, visceral, ocean-drenched “Bonnie and Clyde” rollercoaster that reminds us – especially in such uncertain times – that there’s nothing quite as powerful as the nature of love.

Directed by Drue de Milo (USA)

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