Silver Awards: November 2023

Best Indie ShortThousand Paper Cranes by Xiaoxuan Liu (China)

Best Drama ShortEmpty Heights, Moonlit Night by Canghai Lu (China)

Best Documentary ShortSummertime à Esparon by Martine Fougeron (France)

Best Comedy ShortYardbird by Jeff Alper (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortWordLotto by Johnny Baca (USA)

Best Fantasy ShortThe Wine Worm by Xi Wenting (China)

Best Experimental ShortAmphibian by Jie Zhang (China)

Best Student ShortGreat Fortune by Sabia Faden (USA)

Best Animation ShortTree by Jeongmin Koo (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotWake Up Call by Matthew Panepinto (USA)

Best Mobile Short4.0 The Last Question by Juan Pablo Bornio (Uruguay)

Best Female Director: Aloura Melissa Charles for Under (USA)

Best Male Director: Clément de Dadelsen for Allegro Confuso (France)

Best Student Female Director: Claire Seohyun Yoon for Isn’t it Me? (South Korea)

Best First Time Male Director: Xiaobo Zhang for My Sun (China)

Best Actress: Cat Kim for Under (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Vanessa Simon for Cats and Husbands (USA)

Best Acting Duo: E James Ford and Courtney Sanello for First Refusal (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Emily Anderson, Adam Cauchi, Andrew Cawley, Chelsie Cravens, Linnea Frye, Hallie Hoffman, Katie Incardona, Chris Jowett, Chloe Mikala, Carolyn Moore, Teresa Moore, Johnny Moran, Andy Nebel, Adam Rebora, Ameer Ross, Claire Saskowski, Traer Schon, Jackie Smook, Mary Cait Walthall, and Anna Weatherwax for This Again? (USA)

Best Cinematography: Giuseppe Mais for A World Of Mirrors (USA)

Best Editing: Siao Feerum for Ressonância Schumann (Brazil)

Best Production Design: Yibo Kou for The Cure (USA)

Best Original Score: Mariano Saulino for Unripe (USA)

Best Original Story: David Golzalez Caballero and Àngel Reverté Fabregat for Bildur Aize (Spain)

Best Short ScriptAn Ocean Journey by Victoria Dook and Rick Harvey (Singapore)






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