Honorable Mentions: November 2023

Best Indie ShortLuxure by Matthew Gomez (USA)

Best Documentary ShortThings Long Left Unsaid by Antonia Thornton (USA)

Best Comedy ShortCats and Husbands by Barry Samson (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortThe Dark Ages – The Funeral by Brian Larios (USA)

Best Crime Short: The Foxhole by John Kestner (USA)

Best Experimental ShortRessonância Schumann by Siao Feerum (Brazil)

Best Student ShortThe Waves Serenade by Gabriel Marcelo (Philippines)

Best Animation ShortNatira by Joshua Marquez (USA)

Best Children ShortMailbox by Sal Cirimi (USA)

Best Women ShortAllies by Cong Xu (UK)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: WordLotto by Johnny Baca (USA)

Best Web and New MediaGreen Green Gardens by Elijah Simon Pollard (USA)

Best Parody ShortBali Frodo by Felix Benjamin Schaefer (Russia)

Best Female Director: Tamara Cook for Y (Australia)

Best Student Female Director: Kara M. Canton for Running Colours (USA)

Best Student Male Director: Justin Park-Swanson for Untitled and Unfinished (USA)

Best First Time Female Director: Jingting He for Can’tmera (China)

Best First Time Male Director: Kekang Zhang for Whirl Bus (China)

Best Actress: Natasha Krishnan for On Christmas Day (Canada)

Best Supporting Actress: Gurbir Bal’s for On Christmas Day (Canada)

Best Child/Young Actress: Giuliana Sciortino for Mailbox (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Steve Ghant and Caitlin Pancia for Luxure (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Anne Arreguin, Dena Navarroli, Nick Santucci, and Ivan Lee Gartner for The Dark Ages – The Funeral (USA)

Best Cinematography: Desmond Stearns for I Don’t Want You (USA)

Best EditingCats and Husbands (USA)

Best Production Design: Dustin Phan for Luxure (USA)

Best Sound Design: Brian Alexander for Waking Field (USA)

Best Original Story: Sabia Faden for Great Fortune (USA)

Best Short ScriptAcross The Lawn by Mirabelle Lee (USA)






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