Gold Awards: November 2023

Best Indie ShortLove Sink In Tide by Pengyu Yan and Hongdi Xiao (China)

Best Drama ShortThe Caged Bird by Xi Wen Liu (China)

Best Documentary ShortRising Wings by Harun Kazaz (USA)

Best Romantic ShortA Sorry Love Story by Marcus Liew (Singapore)

Best Comedy ShortAllegro Confuso by Clément de Dadelsen (France)

Best Experimental ShortA World Of Mirrors by Giuseppe Masi (USA)

Best Student ShortAn Unofficial Space Mission by Ziyang Liu (China)

Best Animation Short: Foreigner by Giovanni A Lodigiani (USA)

Best Children ShortGreat Fortune by Sabia Faden (USA)

Best Women ShortUnder by Aloura Melissa Charles (USA)

Best MicrofilmThe Dancing Bees by Gwilym Evans (UK)

Best Trailer/TeaserAËK (Canada)

Best Female Director: Xi Wen Liu for The Caged Bird (China)

Best Male Director: Joseph Paul Alvarado for The River (USA)

Best Student Female Director: Sabia Faden for Great Fortune (USA)

Best First Time Female Director: Sara Werner for Lines (USA)

Best First Time Male Director: Xiaoxuan Liu for Thousand Paper Cranes (China)

Best Young Filmmaker: Zhenghao Gu for Memoir of Circumstantial Dreams (China)

Best Actress: Julia Wilke for Lines (USA)

Best Actor: Jeff Alper for Yardbird (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Tristan Pfaff, Elie Maalouf, Constance Carrelet, Therese Cremieux, and Benedicte Vrignault for Allegro Confuso (France)

Best Cinematography: Rebeca Durán for The River (USA)

Best Editing: Maedeh Moayyednia for Under (USA)

Best Visual FXForeigner (USA)

Best Sound Design: Tyson Dai for The River (USA)

Best Original Score: Alton James for Running Colours (USA)

Best Original Story: Jeff Alper for Yardbird (USA)

Best Short ScriptEqual Distribution by David Seader (USA)






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