Silver Awards: November 2022

Best Indie ShortMamita by Carlo D’Amore (USA)

Best Drama Short: The Unwritten Rule by Kaye Spann (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Lifeline by Jess Philipps (USA)

Best Romantic ShortMoments by Evan Hatten (USA)

Best Comedy ShortBreakfast Club by Sumin Kim (UK)

Best Dark Comedy ShortDating Safely by Edgar Torres (USA)

Best Action Short: Red Hollow by Revaz-Giorgi Arveladze (USA)

Best Thriller ShortDark Web by Tyler Appian (USA)

Best Mystery Short: 10/10 by Sidh Bhoj (India)

Best Sci-Fi ShortDejaVu by Alex Rios (USA)

Best Fantasy ShortLostless by Dustin James Leighton (USA)

Best Experimental ShortCrave by Fabio Del Percio (USA)

Best Student ShortThe Old Time by Hanks Hans (China)

Best Animation Short: When Rabbits Could Fly by Francois Juszezak and Annie Korach (France)

Best Children ShortThe Story of the Opera by Di Yi (China)

Best Women ShortFix by Mohau Michael Mannathoko (Botswana)

Best LGBTQ ShortSpin by Lisa Marie Tedesco (USA)

Best Music Video: The Permit Story by Baizhuan Wan (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotHey, I’m The Doorguy! by Kevin Williams (USA)

Best Web and New MediaPennies from Heaven by Billy Bjork (USA)

Best Parody Short: America Unanswered by Jessi Gotta and Patrick Shearer (USA)

Best Director (Female): Sarah Hanner for Bläckfisk (USA)

Best Director (Male): Emil Sallinen for In September I Dreamt of Winter (Finland)

Best Student Director (Female): Elizabeth Winters for Only So An Hour (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): WenWei Hu for Lollipop (China)

Best First Time Director (Female): Sarah Klearman for Backwards (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Joseph Samuel Meyerson for Outpatient (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Samuel J Punto for The Holding Room (Germany)

Best Actress: Saara Shamlou for No Promises (USA)

Best Actor: Rami Abushhab for Maqluba (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Olivia Whitney for DejaVu (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Saara Shamlou and Niko Papastepfanou for No Promises (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Kevin Williams, Comfort Andrews, Chrissy Bergeron, Canaan Dewey, Kiera Jacob, Adam Piacente, Mike Perea, Mike Neely, Natalie Porretta, Maureen Kedes, John Reneaud, Amanda Berke, Jackie Fox, Tim Stanton, Erica Pastore, Joe Green, Kara Smatt, John Dewey, Kendra Avinger, and Briggen Brikai for Hey, I’m The Doorguy! (USA)

Best Cinematography: Dustin James Leighton for Lostless (USA)

Best Editing: Grant James for The Buckleys: Take It As It Comes (USA)

Best Production Design: Po Giants for Fix (Botswana)

Best Sound Design: The Art of Wushu: Darren Deng (USA)

Best Original Story: Ryan de Quintal for The Harbinger of Death (USA)

Best Short ScriptNo Pebble Tossed Redux by Christopher Willis (USA)






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