Finalists: November 2022

11:11 by Lisa Singletary (USA)

A Grandfather’s Legacy by Jessica Carrillo (USA)

A Poet’s Childhood – Awakening to Consciousness: Elizabeth Martina Bishop by Vibhas P A Kendzia and Elizabeth Martina Bishop (USA)

AIM by Fredrick Iyeh (UK)

Attraction by Huanshuo Wang (China)

Bridgerton Blues by Liz Raine Cotton (UK)

Cigarettes & Coffee by David Milan Kelly (USA)

Consistance Saine by Sukie Gethin (USA)

Death of a Motel by McKenna Johnson (USA)

Emerald, Clouds by Yu Ho (China)

Fascination by Natmar Mondragon (USA)

Game by Neha Srivastava and Mukta Wadhwa (India)

Hardly What You Want to Hear by Christine Marshall (USA)

Hot and Beautiful International 3D Model Nancy by Gurmeet Singh Dang (India)

How to Deal With Loss by Michael Klug (USA)

I Can Talk by Elijio Carlos Ramirez (USA)

I Do, I Do by Seth Jarrett (USA)

I’ve Got A Ticket To The Moon by Wendy Spencer and Duane Ranger (Australia)

Immoral Justice by Carlos Ontiveros (USA)

Korean Fever 2 by Veronika Vivien Biro (Ireland)

La Santa Muerte by Oscar A Ortiz (USA)

Lunar Crane by Maria Antonova (Germany)

Mia Undone by William Stancik (USA)

Miss Bonita Springs 1967 by Richard Watts (USA)

Moon Return by Wendy Spencer and Duane Ranger (Australia)

Once Upon A Time On Halsted by Brad Kofman (USA)

Our Last Time Together by Sage Drake (USA)

Peace-Melody Under Brushes Peace 7: How to Prevent and Heal? by Youxin Yang (USA)

Phantom Pains by Ah Young Shin (UK)

Remote Workers – Visit Cascais by António Aleixo (Portugal)

Royal Family: Highway by Matthew Paris (USA)

Shadow Legacy by Aaron W Small (USA)

Shiva by Rex Dane (USA)

Stop The Thief by Yiding Wang (China)

The 22 by Amanda Gecewicz (USA)

The Babalon Working and the Atomic Bomb Ritual by Stash (USA)

The Big #3 by Brad Kofman (USA)

The Desire of Blind Box by Yuting Huang (China)

The London I Knew Never Looked Like This by Brendan Brendan Leung (UK)

The Orchard by Matt Morrissey (USA)

The Real Housewives of the Bible by Theresa V. Wilson (USA)

The Sara Teasdale Project: In A Cuban Garden by Hannah Erin Eakin (USA)

The Switchaboo’s by Art Benavides (USA)

The Vanishing Hitchhiker by Rosario Brucato (Italy)

Ulfhednar by Scott Nielsen (USA)

Unknown by Riel Barretto-Duval (Canada)

Us by Nikolaas Boucquey (Belgium)

Watering the Wilting by Lara Siburu Poirier (Brazil)

We The People? by Simon Zhao (USA)

Wish U Were Here by Luis Villanueva (USA)






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