The Firefox Guardian

“The Firefox Guardian” takes you on a mesmerizing journey through dense bamboo jungles in Nepal while exploring a special bond between the unique ‘Firefoxes’ and Menuka, a simple village girl.
Directed by Gunjan Menon (India)

Caregiver Wanted

Mr. Larson, an old man recovering from a stroke, is conducting interviews for a caregiver position that he desperately needs to be filled. Despite it being a pressing matter, he seemingly proceeds to personally insult all candidates and heartlessly bash their CVs. At this point, it might be plausible to assume that he’s looking for something else other than hands-on experience.
Directed by Christopher Nunez (USA)


An experimental short film exploring the chaos in an athlete’s mind and his struggle to subdue it.
Directed by Sofia Kyritsis and Nicolas Venne (Canada)

Joe Goes to Therapy

With his nuptials quickly approaching, Joe attends therapy sessions to take care of some of his issues in order to be the best husband he can be. Joe tackles wrestles with topics like monogamy, daddy issues, being a younger brother, and premature ejaculation…he hopes the therapist can help him out.
Directed by Corrin Evans (USA)

God Came ‘Round

Down on his luck flower seller Sandeep (played by Deep Roy) pines to make a connection with the girl of his dreams.
Directed by Derek Frey (UK)

Kill The Engine

Three broken men decide to kill themselves by carbon monoxide poisoning, but the group suicide is foiled when the vehicle of their demise fails to start.
Directed by Derek Frey (USA)


An isolated chalet in a snowy forest… A man blinded by alcohol… A woman unable to rebel… And an 8-year-old child troubled and dark… The silent night is broken with cries… the start of a terrible nightmare!
Directed by Davide Melini (UK)

Scouting for Light

Joël Dogué, 60 years old, member of Électriciens Sans Frontières, goes alone for the first time in an emergency mission in Haïti. In this portrait, we overcome the obstacles with him and discover the solutions designed by this handy-man who gives light to those who just got out of the darkness.
Directed by Coline Morand (France)