Honorable Mentions: March 2020

Best Indie Short3:21 by Kaylie Moore (Iceland)

Best Indie ShortGracefully Broken by Matt Lorenzo (USA)

Best Drama Short: Red Street Mercy by Bruno Jubin (Spain)

Best Drama Short: The Case by Champ Dulcio (USA)

Best Documentary ShortJesse, the Joker by Esther Sylvester and Ailey Chen (USA)

Best Documentary ShortTic Talk: Time to Heal by Maria Florencia Smith (USA)

Best Romantic ShortGraceless by Marvin Van Buren (USA)

Best Romantic ShortIt Was All A Dream by Alessio Bozzer and Sara Svagelj (Italy)

Best Comedy ShortHe’s That Guy by Ian Mark (USA)

Best Comedy ShortWhat Did You Expect? by Melissa Daneri (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: 7 Steps to Inspire Creative Writing by Zebulon Griffin (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Withdrawals by Jorja Hudson (USA)

Best Thriller ShortDisconnected by Traci Hays (USA)

Best Thriller ShortThe Chair That Killed Faye by Taylor Allison (USA)

Best Crime Short: Club City by Gino Terrell (USA)

Best Crime Short: The Lunatic by Michael Jeremiah (USA)

Best Action Short: A.K.A. The Surgeon by Jason Anthony Fisher (USA)

Best Action Short: Mission: Ex-Lover by Elroy Martinez Jr. (USA)

Best Horror Short: Mr Clean by Lee Bailes (Sweden)

Best Horror Short: Split Tongue by Shelby Wilson (Canada)

Best Sci-Fi ShortPaternitas by Jung Yoong Kang (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortSins in the Synth by Mario Ronaldo Garcia (USA)

Best Experimental Short: Simmering by PerMagnus Lindborg (South Korea)

Best Student ShortA Real Hero by Elisa Sofia Fioretti (USA)

Best Student ShortBackwards by Marco Augelli (UK)

Best Animation Short: Broken Words by Eric Scott Fisher (USA)

Best Women ShortThe Hostess by Rosalie Alspach (USA)

Best Women ShortUnbowed by David D. Haynes II (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortAND-1139 by Parker Alexander Meyers (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortLost and Found by Adam DeCarlo (USA)

Best MicrofilmDeath by Plastic by Tarek Shayne Tabet (Germany)

Best MicrofilmOut Of Our Windows by Prakash Gandhi Natarajan (USA)

Best Screendance Short: Freestyle by Nina, TheBalletBGirl by Dan Park (USA)

Best Music Video: Happy Sad Face: Heart Shield by Rawn Erickson II (USA)

Best Music Video: Manifesto by Les Owen (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: A Frantic Love 2 by Gary Tucker (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Double Jack by Stephanie Stern (USA)

Best Web and New Media: Dragons New Heights by Sean Rice (USA)

Best Web and New Media: In the Zone: Rick Kilburn, Vancouver Island Bassist and Producer by Kerilie McDowall (Canada)

Best Mobile Short: The Eulogist by Peter Strupp (USA)

Best Director (Female): Jenny Wang for The Cuddler (USA)

Best Director (Male): Adam Nowak for (Dys)Functional (Poland)

Best Student Director (Female): Kaneeka Patel for Look At Me (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Kaylie Moore for 3:21 (Iceland)

Best Student Director (Male): Harsh Gupta for Thoughts (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Luc Ke Lu for Boogie Rage (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Deepmala for Ek Jhalak: A Glimpse (India)

Best First Time Director (Female): Grace Uther for Nineteen Ninety Nine (Australia)

Best First Time Director (Male): Jack Ireland for The Fuck’s of Life (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Russell Southam for Black Heart, Red Hands (Australia)

Best Young Filmmaker: Grady Munroe for Playlist (USA)

Best Actress: Isabelle Hou for Room (USA)

Best Actress: Raquel Brooks for Anticipation (USA)

Best Actor: Ángel Gabriel for Look At Me (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Juanita Ingram for Tablxs (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Manelly Zepeda for Without You (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Ángel Gabriel and Ludo Vika for Look At Me (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Lúcia Moniz and Luka Peros for Thirty Minutes (Spain)

Best Acting Duo: Rosalie Alspach and Bri Oglu for The Hostess (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Bobbi Baker, Perri’ L. Camper, Donna Biscoe, Michael Anthony, Errick Davis, Jeremie Rivers, Mikhail Keize, Kaye Singleton, Tim A. Davidson, Shontel Cosby, Frank Oakley III, Chantal Maurice, Nicholas Miles Newton, and Brittney Jefferson for She Had To Ask (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Karisa Tate, Zach Tinker, Cait Fairbanks, Tyler Johnson, and Christian LeBlanc for Across The Room (USA)

Best Cinematography: James Montealegre for 3 Karmas (Colombia)

Best Cinematography: Jun Ren for Juliet (Canada)

Best Editing: Adam Nowak for (Dys)Functional (Poland)

Best Editing: Michael Lange and Dan Aronin for The Fuck’s of Life (USA)

Best Special FX: Jason Anthony Fisher, Jonathan Edward Fisher, Mike Mastre, and Ali G. Osman for A.K.A. The Surgeon (USA)

Best Visual FX: Jason Anthony Fisher, Mike Mastre, Ali G. Osman, John Paul Angeles, and Kelly Schwarze for A.K.A. The Surgeon (USA)

Best Visual FX: Stonewall 2069 (UK)

Best Production Design: Tara Tusher for Inner-Critic (USA)

Best Production Design: Ziyan Liu for Glass Candy (China)

Best Sound Design: Culum Simpson for Faceoff Racing (UK)

Best Sound Design: Will Lee for Feed (USA)

Best Original Score: Adrian Aniol for Doodle (USA)

Best Original Score: Daniel Abril for The Incredibly Short Life of Peter Panties (USA)

Best Original Story: Andres Roa for 3 Karmas (Colombia)

Best Original Story: Richard Brooks for Anticipation (USA)

Best Trailer/Teaser: Interdiction (USA)

Best Short ScriptFinal Interview by Scott Nelson (USA)

Best Short ScriptLast Thursday by Kevin Machate (USA)






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