Finalists: March 2020

2:00 P.M. by Ajay Madala (USA)

A New Perspective by Emma Trussant (France)

A Peek of Love by Jeremy Lu (USA)

After You by Korichi Christelle (France)

Alice by Maggie Lee (Australia)

Anacostia by Anthony Anderson and Martha Byrne (USA)

Anima by Elisa Sofia Fioretti (USA)

Anthony Has Died Now by Jehan Baptiste (Switzerland)

Australian Dreams by Andrea Natale (Italy)

Bart by Stephen Glennon (USA)

Bee Seed by Bernard Amador (USA)

Before the Underground Vol. 2 – Don’t Fall Asleep by Nikki Smallwood (USA)

Bess Myerson by David Arond (USA)

Blue Birds by Praise (USA)

Broken Boy by Jason Woods (USA)

Cinema Night by Susan Campochiaro Confrey (USA)

Daemon by Wenqin Ni (USA)

Deadly Minds by Sasha Landy (USA)

Desperate by Jeff Musillo (USA)

Diana Has Rejoined The Group by Gabriele Zaffarano (Italy)

Disclosure by Chris English (USA)

Downstairs by Luciano Ivanov (Bulgaria)

Dream Seller by Minye Cho (USA)

Drop by Sachin Bodhe (India)

El Cavil by Evgeniya Radilova (USA)

Fiction About Country C by Xueqing Yin (USA)

Folie Marty Me by Will Akbar (UK)

Gilbert by Xavier Wehrli (Canada)

House of Balls by Kristina Thomas (USA)

How I Get Stuff For Free by Alex Ernst (USA)

How To Write Stories by Gonzalo Torres (USA)

Immune by Matthew B Gothard (USA)

In the Garden by Xueqing Yin (China)

Jacuzzi Blues by Kailer Scopacasa (USA)

Liftoff by Pete Berger (Switzerland)

Lineage Tribe by Nicole Picard (USA)

Luperca Returns by Alexis Ramirez (USA)

Memories by Daniel Colella (USA)

My Dream Goes All the Way to Iran by Negar Mojtahedi (Canada)

Neglected by Lorenzo Sisti (USA)

On Turning 16 by Alex Rudegeair (USA)

Orisha by Drew Anthony (USA)

Quarantine NYC by Alexander Samuilov (USA)

Reclaiming Words by Alexei Zagdansky (USA)

Rivense by Amelia Spilger (USA)

Safe by Sanelle Sibanda (Zimbabwe)

Scarlet Circle by Ryan Cervasio (USA)

Siren by Jack Maraghy (USA)

Sol by Christopher Rohrbeck (USA)

Spiked by Eddy Dunlop (UK)

Spinach by Stuart Schulz (USA)

Stalked by Corey Baker (USA)

Substitute by YiHeng Li (USA)

Sullivan by Ying Chen Shu (USA)

Swipe Left by Renee Chandler (USA)

The Clown by Chris Beauchamp (USA)

The Crisis Or Handshake It Off by Julian Tepfers (Norway)

The Killer of Grassy Ridge by Johnny K. (USA)

The Other Side: Mountaineer by Rajeev Thottippully (United Arab Emirates)

The Revival of Qianlong Garden by Megan Cui (China)

The Sound of a Smile by Charlie Hancox (UK)

The Sun Eclipsed by Steven Smilanich (USA)

The Toyman by Rachael Sonnenberg (USA)

Thin Line by Faith Noni (USA)

Trey Pops by Christopher Cass (USA)

Unethical Behavior by Jordan Tofalo (USA)

Viral by Kevin Welbeck (USA)

Whiskey and Wings by Justin Butler and Brian Hilario (USA)

With My Father by Dom Argana (USA)

Yellow Airplane by Serena Ferrari (USA)






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