Honorable Mentions: June 2021

Best Indie ShortA Lions Heart by Kevin Kapellas and Sara Nunez (USA)

Best Indie ShortSpleen by Maxime Duval (Canada)

Best Drama ShortOver The Ocean by Axel Rydén (Sweden)

Best Drama ShortThe Fall by Nathan Horrocks (UK)

Best Documentary ShortMemories of Mortlake by Mark Forbes (UK)

Best Comedy ShortRebounding by Elisha Lawson (USA)

Best Comedy ShortThe Doctor Cares by Dave Beaumler (USA)

Best Action Short: The Local by Dalton Burdette (USA)

Best Thriller ShortEscape by Seungjae CJ Hwang (USA)

Best Crime ShortRumrunners by Jaleel Sampay (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortThe Alert by Brian Kamerer (USA)

Best Romantic ShortHer & Him by Julian Morales (USA)

Best Experimental ShortIf Only by John Behring (USA)

Best Experimental ShortSee You by Caesar Nie (China)

Best Student ShortDropping Out by Niko Gonzalez (USA)

Best Student ShortRoses and Red Noses by Zac Vujnov (USA)

Best Animation ShortYendor – The Journey of a Junior Adventurer by Rodney Matthews and Sarah Matthews (UK)

Best Children Short: Yendor – The Journey of a Junior Adventurer by Rodney Matthews and Sarah Matthews (UK)

Best Women Short: Blue Door by Lorenne Fey and Larry Robertson (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short: Andrea B by Alessandro Ienzi (Italy)

Best MicrofilmFall Into My Palms by Bo Nawacharee (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotDo It Yerself Dewey – Sweet on Dewey S1 E9 by Bobby Adams and Bryan Ashford (USA)

Best Web and New MediaGrowing Peace in the Middle East by Steven Hoffen (USA)

Best Web and New MediaZone of Silence – Haunted World by Cindy Lynn Carter (USA)

Best Director (Male): Axel Rydén for Over The Ocean (Sweden)

Best Director (Male): Logan Mansberger for Contingency (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Zac Vujnov for Roses and Red Noses (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Matthew Coonis for Huckleberry Jerry (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Steven Hoffen for Growing Peace in the Middle East (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Tristan Cohen for It Always Is (Costa Rica)

Best Actor: Jake Primak for Capeesh (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Xiaowen Jin for Candy Rain (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Ahmed Almokdad and Ramazan Bachak for Reality (Canada)

Best Acting Duo: Sierra Nowak and Kericho Corry for Narc (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Ken Jennings, Andrew Terranova, Anthony Augello, and Steve Greenstein for Covid Ditty (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Krystal Cave, Carina Gun, Sarika Young, Georgie Cufone, Samantha Hughes, Matthew Brice, and Nick Buckland for Finding Freyja (Australia)

Best Editing: A Path (Chile)

Best Editing: Justin Breault for Spleen (Canada)

Best Sound Design: Bogdan Hladiuc for Strigoi (Romania)

Best Sound Design: Sean Hines for Me! You? (USA)

Best Original Score: Jeremy SH Griffith for If Only (USA)

Best Original Score: Luca Palomo for Beautiful Sadness (USA)

Best Trailer/Teaser: Narc (USA)

Best Short Script: Inside by M.D. Tylicki (USA)






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