Finalists: June 2021

54 Years Late by Michele Wright (USA)

A Business Interview About Life by Eli Erol Kebudi (Turkey)

Alex and Mikey’s Guide to Girlfriends by Summer by Alex Armesto (USA)

Bloodline by Richard Poche (USA)

Breathe by Lizette Hunter and Angel Contreras (USA)

Cogs – First Step Into the Society by Minah Son (South Korea)

Corners by Adam Dillon (USA)

Couples Therapy by Katie Chonacas (USA)

Crossroads by Niamh Strong (UK)

Delores & Mashar by Sophia Louisa Lee (USA)

Eternal Rest by Oli Tarquin (USA)

High Ceilings by Danilo Dayani (USA)

How Can I Help You? by Joshua Nelson (USA)

Illuminated by Nicolas Jofre (Argentina)

In a Flash by Charlie Manoukian (USA)

In The Land Of The Living by Sukh Dhaliwal (Canada)

John John by Derek Prigen (USA)

Locked Out by Matthew Cassani (USA)

My Date With Vi by Ilan Gazit (USA)

Nadia Mejia’s – AI Driven Interactive Food Film by A.J. Kamdar (USA)

Naya – Nativity Of Nature by Johana Vala (USA)

O N E by Chris Beauchamp (USA)

Out of Time by Kayshawn Wallace (USA)

Pink Purple and Blue by Kabir McNeely (USA)

Return by Hongying Chen (China)

Rude Buay by John Alan Andrews (USA)

Seen by Amy Marie Haven (USA)

Shakedown by Dillon Heinrich (USA)

Some Time To Ourselves by Sebastian Martinez (USA)

Stir Crazy by Nick Muhlbach (USA)

The Bang, A Tragedy by Rebecca Bueno (Germany)

The Corona Dialogues by Dylan Brody (USA)

The Journal Entry by Randy Zuniga (USA)

The Last Man by Sumin Há (Sout h Korea)

The Paper Crane by Emily Furst (USA)

The Seaside Is Our Home by Chantal Lorang (Luxembourg)

The Wake-Up Call by James Kahn (USA)

This Case & My Life by Ana A P Braunstein (USA)

Too Late by Yassine Agloumi (USA)

Uno Out by Brandon Lee W (USA)

Wallet by Robert Asencio (USA)






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