Honorable Mentions: August 2022

Best Indie ShortThe Fool by Yoshiya Yamamoto and Darius Rubin (USA)

Best Drama ShortHappiness is an Illusion by Rebecca Demeter (USA)

Best Documentary ShortThe Metabolic Connection by Angelique Adelina (USA)

Best Comedy ShortPoppy Place: A Tragic Tale by Joel Harris Osborn (USA)

Best Crime Short85 by Mitchell Bryceson Treharne (Australia)

Best Thriller Short: Perfectly Disturbed by Pamela Matew (USA)

Best Mystery ShortThe House on the Cliff by Sarah Le (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortHarbinger by Alex Jack (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: The Beach by Matthew S. Robinson (USA)

Best Western Short: The Showdown by Mike Farron (USA)

Best Experimental ShortTake Me Back to Earth by Dominic Francisco (USA)

Best Student ShortHappy Monsters by Wang Zhan (China)

Best Animation ShortEx Creta by Jon Portman (USA)

Best Women ShortWasted by Pearl Windle and Robert Benicio Ponce (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortUnder My Skin by Liam Azogui (USA)

Best Romantic ShortWasted by Pearl Windle and Robert Benicio Ponce (USA)

Best Microfilm: The Beach by Matthew S. Robinson (USA)

Best Music VideoEverything Is Explained – The Little Brooklyn by Olivier Simon (France)

Best Web Series/TV PilotSecretly Sweetly (Season 2) by Young Man Kang (South Korea)

Best Web and New MediaThe Unremarkable Escapades of Jenny And Jules by Pat Dill and Stephen M. Coleman (USA)

Best Director (Male): Eric Francois Trometer for Detained Under Houthis (UK)

Best Student Director (Male): Joel Harris Osborn for Poppy Place: A Tragic Tale (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Sky Chen for Lost (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Jacek Krawczyk for The Seventh Seal (Poland)

Best Young Filmmaker: Juan Carlos Lizarraga for Surrounded (USA)

Best Actress: Marit Aurin for Cheetahs & Wildebeests (USA)

Best Actor: Jonathon Kimble for Metamorphosis (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Jacob Zelonky and Sarah Brine for From 11 to 1 (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Connor Michael Dabinett, Saniyah Adams, Katie Walsh, Jaime Snyder, Jack Weilar, and Daniel Soto for The Revelations of Gavin Grey (USA)

Best Cinematography: Dmitry Popov for We Are Human Too (USA)

Best Editing: Mike Rapsys and Grant Stoner for Walker (USA)

Best Production Design: Abraxas of Emotions: Joy, Anger, Sorrow, and Excitement (South Korea)

Best Sound Design: Alex Jack and Alec Arruti for Harbinger (USA)

Best Original Score: Jordan Hart for Poppy Place: A Tragic Tale (USA)

Best Original Story: Jon Portman for Ex Creta (USA)

Best Short ScriptOne Day by Harry Rohlfing (USA)






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