Gold Awards: August 2022

Best Indie ShortCould You Please Repeat That? by Minnie Nguyen (USA)

Best Drama ShortOut Of The Abyss by Guang Wei Yan (China)

Best Documentary ShortCandles in the Window by Tomasz Radziemski, Grazyna Czerny, and Piotr Tomaszkiewicz (USA)

Best Comedy ShortAstrid’s Trip by Julie Doyle (USA)

Best Thriller ShortHeiße Luft by Clara Louise Haas (Germany)

Best Horror ShortPenny by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (USA)

Best Experimental ShortThe Seventh Seal by Jacek Krawczyk (Poland)

Best Student ShortThe Keeper by Patrick Krum (USA)

Best Animation ShortTomorrow We Continue by Abdullah Ghanem (Syria)

Best Children ShortAkesi and the Congo River (Parts I-III) by Saïd Abitar and Curt Fortin (Germany)

Best Women ShortDetained Under Houthis by Eric Francois Trometer (UK)

Best Director (Female): Minnie Nguyen for Could You Please Repeat That? (USA)

Best Director (Male): Junyi Li for Migration (China)

Best Student Director (Female): Logan Michelle for The Gestalt Shift (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Xuebing Feng for The Red Rose and the White Rose (China)

Best First Time Director (Male): Craig Trow for The Manager Position (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Dakyum Breanna Lee for Abraxas of Emotions: Joy, Anger, Sorrow, and Excitement (South Korea)

Best Actress: Kassandra Escandell for Perfectly Disturbed (USA)

Best Actor: Long Nguyen for Could You Please Repeat That? (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Lily Evans for The Audition (UK)

Best Acting Duo: Tan Haofu and Chen Huafeng for Happy Monsters (China)

Best Ensemble Cast: Roy Williams, Jr., Phrederic Semaj, Melvin Ward, Havon Baraka, Paul Buxton, Victoria Ogbonna, Kennedy Porter, Francis C. Edemobi, Nicholas Heard, Andre Tucker Jr., Shea Boatswain, Coco Atama, Vincent Doud, Matthieu Jean-Pierre, Richard Whitney Gardenhire Jr., Blake Alexus, Jovon Henry, Geramy Dixon, Isaiah Harris, Jonathan Maduike, Tony Nevada, Ronan Barbour, Gregory Pekar, James Nevada, Christopher Ross Martin, Michael Polak, Todd Todd Anthony, and Robert Maffia for The Secret Weapon: Yesterday is Today (USA)

Best Cinematography: Jonathon Kimble for Metamorphosis (USA)

Best Editing: Jeremy Deneau for Bona To Vada (USA)

Best Production Design: Giovanna Fernandes for The Devil Show (USA)

Best Visual FX: Alan Collins for Agent Heads (USA)

Best Sound Design: Luis Herrera for The Thief (USA)

Best Original Score: Joey Thordarson for The Devil Show (USA)

Best Original Story: Minnie Nguyen for Could You Please Repeat That? (USA)

Best Short ScriptEast of Lincoln Blvd. by Sophia Lee (USA)






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