Finalists: August 2022

A Coward’s War by Anthony Bradley (USA)

A Knocking In The Woods by Zachary Debedout (USA)

A New Beginning by Jalen Tellis (USA)

A Promise by WeiDuo Feng (USA)

A Royal Marines Disposition by Matt Elliott (UK)

Apocalypse for Dummies by Gabriel Warburton (USA)

Echoes by Garrick Foxx and Natasha Makin (USA)

Fantasy of Companionship between Human and Inanimate by Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, and Christina Teenz Tan (Singapore)

Five True Friends by George Orallo and Leona Krahn (Canada)

Flywood: Their Hustle by Alexandr Rygzenov (USA)

For I Am Dead by Patricia Delso Lucas (Belgium)

Grand Theft Johnny by Dallas Wayne (USA)

I Live Here Now by Dana Hammer (USA)

I’m The Man by Clarence Edward Williams IV (USA)

Imara by Hal Hollingworth (South Africa)

Incident by Napon Anakew (USA)

Incondicional by Alex Meridy (USA)

Jonnie Sunset…. by Van Allen Cooper (USA)

Jonny by Luke McCain and Ryan Knight (USA)

Olivia’s Journey: Believing to Dream by Sophia Louisa Lee (USA)

Open Michael by Zach Sharma (USA)

Pluto’s Gender by Hsiao-Hsia Huang (USA)

Sound Asleep by Lauren Gaudite (USA)

Subverted Expectations by Samantha Schacht (USA)

Terror Management by Ishan Rao (USA)

The Boy Vs. The Troll by Tristin D. Hurst and Harper Bilash (USA)

The Human Contrition by Rishab Mitra (USA)

The Pantomime’s Tragedy by Dylan Keeffe Keeffe (USA)

The Perfect Cup by Anne-Marie Krytiuk (Canada)

Waveland Requiem by BT Hathaway (USA)






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