Gold Awards: August 2021

Best Indie ShortToo Damn Long by Ian Lettire (USA)

Best Drama ShortWellspring by Jeffrey Smith Quizon (Philippines)

Best Documentary ShortAfter Skid Row by Lindsey Hagen (USA)

Best Comedy ShortWhat The Heck Is Going On? by Alex Bale (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortHuge by Danny Farber (USA)

Best Crime ShortJackie & Ava by Amir Rogers (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Unspoken by Richard Zelniker (USA)

Best Horror ShortCaptive by Jeff Carolan (USA)

Best Student ShortTimber by Viktor Alsbjer (Sweden)

Best Animation ShortTomorrow by Mohammad Shihab Uddin (Bangladesh)

Best Children ShortAbdullah by Tianhui Huang (China)

Best Music VideoTormenta Rey – Holiday Lockdown by Marco Marcus (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotThe Decipio by Jason Gullifer (USA)

Best Director (Female): Lindsey Hagen for After Skid Row (USA)

Best Director (Male): Franck Giordanengo for Susan in Red (France)

Best Student Director (Female): Tianhui Huang for Abdullah (China)

Best Student Director (Male): António Paula for The Interview (Portugal)

Best First Time Director (Male): Jeffrey Smith Quizon for Wellspring (Philippines)

Best Actor: Naïme Haïne for Jeanne (France)

Best Supporting Actor: Khalil Lewis for The Plea (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Stillman Mba, Madeline Whallen, Libby Otos, and Dylan Williams for Free Order (USA)

Best Cinematography: Lindsey Hagen for After Skid Row (USA)

Best Editing: Jolevs Domingo for Wellspring (Philippines)

Best Production DesignTormenta Rey – Holiday Lockdown (USA)

Best Sound Design: Adam Ryszkowski, Artur Jasiński, and Marcin Toczek for I Walk On (Poland)

Best Original Score: Iz Svemira for The Babylon Gardens (Egypt)

Best Original Story: Robin Kirwan for Dragunov (UK)






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