Finalists: August 2021

A Man Lies Down in Bed at Night and Goes to Sleep by Jasmine Percell (USA)

A Solemnly Questioning Air by John McCloskey (USA)

A Woman of Mystery by Sonny P. Louis (USA)

Blue Jeans Blues by Manuela Nudo (Canada)

Boys Don’t Cry by Gabriela Poole (USA)

Decoding Shankar by Deepti Pillay Sivan (India)

Dieabolical by Ray Brady (UK)

Disillusioned by Logan Garrett (USA)

Diversity and Desolation by Michael Kureth (USA)

DOCK-umentary, A Kid’s Trip Through IEPs, Pandas and Pandemics, Oh My! by Lauren Braddock Havey (USA)

Finding Brave by Theresa Peterson (USA)

Hello Yesterday by Imole Ladipo (USA)

Holding the Rope by Harlow Schuman (USA)

Hues of Blue by Manuel Alejandro Vargas (USA)

I’m Monica Bellucci by Mohammad Mohammadian (Iran)

Into the Night by Cameron Behm (USA)

Keep This Far Apart by Tyne Rafaeli and Whitney White (USA)

Mama Africa by Maurice Daniel Oulay (Ivory Coast)

Salty by Hayley Nash (USA)

Saman by Sohrab Kavir (Iran)

Samples by KP by Kyle Prater (USA)

Sea Beyond the Glitz by Anna Maité Kaplan (USA)

Sending Love Your Way by Sarah Goff, James Meyer, Rachel Morgan Perry, and Elizabeth Usher (Australia)

Skulled by Maggi (Iceland)

The Last Breath by Anthony Cox (UK)

The Luke Shaw Story by Christopher Stephen James Wong (USA)

The Physics of Killing by Tim Clifton (USA)

The String of Heart by Nitin Patil (USA)

The Valtozas by Rebecca R Demeter (USA)

Wasabi by John F McCarney (USA)

We’re Not Dead Yet – S1 Episodes 9 – 13 by Tim Clifton (USA)

Without Words by Joe Tadros Abdelsayed (USA)






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