Finalists: October 2021

#ISFJ by Joe Jennings Jr. (USA)

A Maid’s Life by Tim Mountain (UK)

A Second Chance by Arden Pala (USA)

Alteraa by Mahmou Eliraqi (Egypt)

Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town by Yihan Lin (USA)

Apna Time Aayega by Richa Garg (USA)

Bees and Seas by Roy Boucher (USA)

Brutum Fulmen by Conde (USA)

Candidate by Mozhgan Taraneh (Iran)

Dark by Kevin Overton (USA)

Equity by Keegan Luther (USA)

Home by Kristen Cubbage (USA)

In Absence by Silas Tibbs (USA)

In the Spiral of a Vice by Skyler Thomas (USA)

Invisible: The Unseen Faces of Hunger in Kern by Nicholas Hulsey, Jacqueline Magana, Dixie L King, Isabel B Zamora, and Zuri Maradiaga (USA)

Light on Water | 44.18217, -69.05075 | 8.16.2021 by Dominic Cordisco (USA)

Love Changes Everything by Karamell Jones (USA)

Making Beethoven Proud by Brian Naughton (USA)

Message by Francisco A Gacuya jr (USA)

On The Other Side of the Moon by Tavis Northam (USA)

Our House by Rosemary Meza-DesPlas (USA)

Paint On Paint # 7 by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

Prom Night by Jenny Leona (USA)

Recollect by Ji Won Shin (South Korea)

Renouncing Lies and Announcing Truth by Joe Rosener (USA)

S.P.E.A.R.T.I.P. by Cristina Maritza Trevino and Will Martinez (USA)

Sara’s Journey by Pavel Vogler and Sara Vogler (USA)

Sky Migration by Darrah Ribble (USA)

Spy Tops Spy 2: I’ve Been Set Up by Jordan Tofalo and Stash Prada (USA)

Sun Bunnies by Kostiantyn Mishchenko (USA)

Tap Dance by Christa Villavasso (USA)

The Blood Machine by John McCloskey (USA)

The Drop by Sebastiano Orfeo (Italy)

The Green Veteran by Francisco Gacuya (USA)

The Losing Game by Elcid Carreon (USA)

The Settlement by Lynette Jones (USA)

The Tales Of Abu Keess by Roody Madi (Lebanon)

The Travel Bear by Chloe Elie (USA)

The Withered Ghoul’s Ceremony by Xavier Terhorst (USA)

They Don’t Get It by Scott Douglas Midgett (USA)

Those Men Who Made That Movie by Vinay Choudary (USA)

Tooth Fairies in Quarantine by David P Levin (USA)

Whoever You Are by Javier De Frutos (UK)






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