Finalists: May 2023

A Grim Reaping by Isa Ebrahim (USA)

A Wind-blown Glow Story (Fairy Tales for Kidult Project 1) by Hojung j Lee (South Korea)

Ailliegory by David Fein (USA)

Coiffeur Extraordinaire – Waiting For Legros by Lance Lucero (USA)

Colored White by Alicia Buckner (USA)

Dear Charlie by Ace Shu (USA)

Dreamy by Harry Chambarry (USA)

Ethics of the Great Silence by Timothy Bradley Reinhold (USA)

First Lesson by Ana Sanchez (USA)

Hexed by Joe Murner and Xavier Mellon (USA)

Homicidium Cruentum by Alexander Tavarez and Maxbarry Maurriset (USA)

I’ll Rip My Heart Out by Adam Haupt (USA)

If It’s In The Blood by John Thomas (UK)

June 24th by Jenn Sullivan (USA)

Like Smoke by Anisah Hassan (USA)

M.I.A. by Langston Wilkinson (USA)

Master and Apprentice by Cory White (USA)

Nant by Tom Chetwode Barton (UK)

Pieces of You by Keya Shirali (USA)

Rabbit by Zichen lan (China)

Raison d’être by Shananjit Thiara (Canada)

Return to New York by Deirdre Lorenz (USA)

Rock and Roll HoneyPie by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Skate Scratch by Wyatt Cunningham (USA)

Stay With Me by 紫曦 (China)

The Amber Alert by Zichen lan (China)

The Box by Ivana Pavlinić (Croatia)

The Godfather Part II: The Birth of The Godfather by Eason (奕心 Yixin) and Vonn (王 Wang) (China)

The Reset by Chetan Tankaria (UK)

Under the Blanket by Tanicha Toro-Oloto (UK)






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