Finalists: June 2020

#everythingwillbefine by Giacomo Tanzarella and Christian Mancini (Switzerland)

7OD by Everon Jackson Hooi (Netherlands)

A Very Special Christmas Gift by Kimberly B. Flores (USA)

Adventures of Aurora – Episode 1 (#CoachellaMoment) and Episode 2 (#Aurorainisolation) by Wendy Wilkins (USA)

Amoruccio di Nonna by Maria Teresa Elena (Italy)

Another Cabin Massacre by Drake Dalgleish (USA)

Baby In The Basement by Dina Faye Gilmore (USA)

Ballad of Music Notes by Xi Chengzhuo (China)

Basketball by Adam Howard (USA)

Bonjour Tristesse by Adrian Phiffer (Canada)

Booth by William Stancik (USA)

Bordersville by Keyetta Crews (USA)

Box: A Digital Love Story by Chase Michael Torrence (USA)

Braaking Newz by Peter Boiadzhieff (USA)

Cartas de Amor a un Torero by Reyes Caballero (Spain)

Chimera by Michelle Sastraatmadja (USA)

Con Actors by Mackenzie Ogden (USA)

Confidant by Debra Markowitz (USA)

Devil’s in the Details by Nadejda Kolpacoff (France)

Dissociative Derealisation by TheMany and Antonio-José Otero (Belgium)

Dog’s Breakfast by Matt Bissett-Johnson (Australia)

Enginuity by Lawrence Whitener (USA)

Folies of War by Kesari Bhattacharya (Australia)

Food Medicine by Lani Cupchoy (USA)

Hammer and Nails by Patrick Hodgson Jr (USA)

Haute Couture by Wells Watson Jr. (USA)

Homeless by Yuzhi Zhu (China)

How We’re Gonna Make it Through Till the Morning Sun by Mackie Mallison (USA)

I Can Manage by Susie Sparkes (Australia)

In My Photo by Georgia Panteloucos (Canada)

Joyce Ann by Molly Todd (USA)

Laura in Between by Maria Rotger (Spain)

Lawn Dogs by Leonardo Martinez (USA)

Let’sss by Queer Faith and TheMany (Belgium)

Life With Teo by Leonardo Lorusso (USA)

Liminality by John Sica (USA)

Lit by Brock Burnett (USA)

Little But Fierce by Sara Barger (USA)

Lives in Me by Eman Elsweisy (USA)

Mom by Polina Ami Kosele (UK)

Month to Month by Tim Walton (USA)

My Doctor’s Advice by Stefania Licari (UK)

My True Story: Nightmare on Maple Street by John Voth (Canada)

Narc by Jackson Coates (USA)

Nature by Roberto I. Ercolalo (Italy)

Next Time by Anthony Cally (USA)

Not A Wednesday by Justin Li (USA)

Our Song by Matthew Colston (USA)

Quarantine by Maritè Salatiello (Italy)

Resonance by William Stancik (USA)

Restoration by Lea Ann Vandygriff (USA)

Rising from the Ashes by Ed Munter (USA)

Road 721 by Lucinda Luvaas (USA)

Running with the Wild by Birk Gran and Johan Gran (USA)

Same Time Next Week by Gigi Burgdorf (UK)

Segregation by Sian Flanagan and Sam Akinyele (Canada)

Simmoned by Andrew Aiton (USA)

Split Second by Kristen Cubbage and Phillip Lehn (USA)

Strange Tales From The Quarantine by Gary Landry Jr (USA)

Strings Attached by Lucien Beber-Turkel (USA)

The Bathroom by Emma DeMuth (USA)

The Bobby Chacon Story by Richard Poche (USA)

The Can by Shadow C. LaValley (USA)

The Canvas by Andrew Griñé (USA)

The Corona Dialogues by Dylan Brody (USA)

The Day She Awakened by Dina Faye Gilmore (USA)

The Drop by Jeremiah Kipp (USA)

The Last Macbeth by Terry Blade (USA)

The Metamorphosis by Kaifu Liu (USA)

The Mute by Cashmira Pramanik (UK)

The Next Girl by Jay Vera (USA)

The Resentful Angel by Shelley Daniels, Carmen Roman, and Emily Railsback (USA)

The Signs We Miss by Ja’Mal Jones (USA)

The Sun Is Close To Me by Effie Emmanouilidi (Greece)

Tick Tock by Charlie Brown (USA)

Tick Tock by Marc Chomel (USA)

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction by Barbara I. Holstein (USA)

Vinegar to Honey by Jay Pennington (USA)

Watercolours In Rain by Michael Q. Adams (Canada)

We’re Making A Movie: Ep. 1 by Lara Patricia Maamoun (USA)

When a Black Man Walks Home by Nick Oski (USA)

When Better Letters Met Barbara Enright by Lewis Eyers-Stott (Australia)

Who’s a Good Man? by Rhonda G. Robinson (USA)






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