Finalists: January 2021

A Moment of Whiteness Just Before… by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)

Against The Wind by Hollis Bennett (USA)

An American In Europe by Johnny Vonneumann (USA)

Answer – Superflush by Jimmy Prosser (USA)

At Dawns Early Light by Tommy Anderson and Susie Schafer (USA)

Beyond Culinary – Newfoundland by Giulia Frisina (Canada)

Birds In Their Hands by Olivia Belluck, Olivia Coleman, and Noah Kane (USA)

Black Lives Matter – Listen to our Voices by Sara Alavi and Mark Gonzales (USA)

By Your Side by Roxane Barry and Hanane Bendisari (Canada)

Cicada by Shuyue Yang (USA)

Dirt and Wreckage by Gareth Rockliffe (USA)

Election Night by Peter Zerzan (USA)

Fear of Falling by Jorja Fuller (Australia)

Food for Others by Layth Alwatban (USA)

Greenhorn by Kevin Staake (USA)

Hanging Buddy by John Kestner (USA)

Happy Place by Darryl “Koi” Pugh and B. Gordan Stovall (USA)

Hungry Eyes by Jason John Cicalese (USA)

In Extremis by Dan Marcus (USA)

In My End Is My Beginning by Agnes Maska (USA)

Inked Blade by Vee Rodriguez (USA)

Insidious by Jett Sinn (USA)

Introducing buzzThePuzz, an Upcycling Company from S. Korea by Katherine Suk (South Korea)

It Takes A Circus by Sarah D. Collins and Zoe Chiriseri Ramushu (USA)

Lobster by Garrett Recker (USA)

Look At Us Now by Vee Rodriguez (USA)

Look Into My Eyes by Susan Nation (Canada)

Love and Death by Shuyue Yang (USA)

Love and Loneliness in an Advanced Technological Age by Warren Paul Glover (Australia)

Lucid by Sarbik Saha (USA)

Major Robinson by Andrew Klein (USA)

Man with a Broom by Joel Rader, Lydia Leiber, and Caroline Nouhan (USA)

Me and Me by Jason Spizzo (USA)

My Greatest Critic by Sarbik Saha and Salmaan Hussain (USA)

No Such Thing Called Objective by Shuyue Yang (USA)

Online Truths by Geraldine Colson (Australia)

Out of This World: The Ricky Lyme Story by Jordan Tofalo (USA)

Out There by Mark Potenza (USA)

Quarantine 2020 by Alex Magaña (USA)

Rise of the Accenniri – Part I by Charli Brown (USA)

Scarecrow by Umut Ulas Er (Turkey)

Seeds by Grace McCarthy (USA)

She’s Not Alone by Jessica N. Todmann (USA)

Silent Knight by Elliot Palatnik (USA)

Suck. by Ethan Wilson (USA)

Taco Tuesday by Marco Rodriguez (USA)

Tell Me by Cristobal Barrera (USA)

The Child Murderess of Vesene by Carl Eneroth (Sweden)

The Game by Tim Moldenhauer (USA)

The Game of Life by Hamid Araghi (Iran)

The Long Game by Mustafa Abbas (United Arab Emirates)

The Moods of These Days by Woonyea Han (USA)

The Patron Saint of Pop Culture by Candace Williamson and Taylour Marks (USA)

The Race by Carolina Stevens and Michael Everett (USA)

The Room by Rich Rule (USA)

The Talk by Jay Bhatti (UK)

The World Went on Without Us by Charles A Gilbert (USA)

Time Injust by Davide Chiloé Rosanto (Argentina)

Venture Anime Episode 1.1 by Shō Akiyama (Japan)

What About My Bag? by Sage Drake (USA)






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