Finalists: February 2022

A Reminiscent Gift by Jiajer Ho (USA)

Always Come In Second by Todd Lien and YiFu Li (USA)

Andante Andante Cover by Ananya by Sailaja Bandyopadhyay (USA)

Ang Motel by Jon Matthews (USA)

Awakened by Ben Corlett (Australia)

Before A Painting by Nathan Tosoni (Switzerland)

Butterfly by Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel (USA)

Crisis by J.T. Hood (USA)

Crossroads by Israela Margalit and John-Martin Green (USA)

Dad by Joshua Leomiti (USA)

Dancer with the Camera by Diane Lee (USA)

Detective Jack Berdett by Arek Zasowski (UK)

Do What’s Right by Daniel Caballero (USA)

Eugene Does Not Want to Work for Milkshakes by Jezer Serafica (USA)

Expedition Entity: The Black Hawk War Part 1 by Larry Eissler III (USA)

Follow The Smoke by Brad Kofman (USA)

Heist by Arek Zasowski (UK)

Hollow by Jackson Roberts (USA)

In Deep Waters by Francesca Beatrice Marie (USA)

Keep Creating, Don’t Give Up by Drake Dalgleish (USA)

La Magia Di Eduardo by Achille Concerto (Italy)

Likee Multi by Teddy Moreno (USA)

Make it Wild by George Pearton (UK)

Merry Little Christmas by Charli Masson (USA)

Minor Leaguer by Michael Isaac Jacobs (USA)

Motherhood and Being a Sandwich or The Best Laid Plans by Sue Backs and Emmett Hanly (Canada)

Nice Suicide by Mike Baran (Germany)

Oak Hill Drive by Enrique Vazquez (USA)

Paranormal Micro Bites by Eduardo Ramirez (USA)

Postal by Amelia Rico (USA)

Prélude à la Lune by Miguel Raymond (Canada)

Queens Tale by Donald Smith (USA)

Quick Fix by Kenny Adebanjo (UK)

Rivals by Teddy Moreno (USA)

Searching for Solace by Logan Sarzalejo (USA)

Smiles and Shoeshines by M.S. Kerr and Laurence Wallace (USA)

Sold by Christopher Thompson (USA)

Switch by Niruththikan Yogananthan (UK)

The Fourth is of a Devil by Revaz-Giorgi Arveladze (Georgia)

The Haunted House by Teddy Moreno (USA)

The Inner Circle by Teddy Moreno (USA)

The Last Fool by Ernest Anemone (USA)

The Missed by Trey Tetreault (USA)

The Red Phone by Elijah Roberts (USA)

Unfinished by Sudeep Mehta (India)






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