Finalists: August 2020

2020 by Jodi Haigh (Australia)

A Coach’s Duty by Dylan Gallimore (USA)

Absence | Presence by Christina Bennett (Ireland)

Absence by Cortez Kenton Campos (USA)

Across The Border by Alberto Carapia (USA)

Adoption by Jieun Lee (South Korea)

Affliction by Andrew Jackson (USA)

After the Rain by Ben Park (USA)

All The Fault of Instinct by Marcello F. Valerio (Italy)

Bad Connection by Elizaveta Kaminskaya (Russia)

Before Sunrise by Rogerio Takashi and Helena Riul (USA)

Benji by Cassidy Kidd (USA)

Bone Dry by William Stancik (USA)

Bunco by Jesse Gasca Garcia (USA)

Chris and The Big Adventure by Charles William Putt Jr (USA)

Cipher by Brian R Post (USA)

Connected Patterns by Tamara Wilson (USA)

Covid-20 by Sid Patwa (USA)

Cuídate by Christian Nuñez (USA)

Damnation by Sean Decker (USA)

Death. Everything. Nothing. by LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant (USA)

Deep Down the Lake by Wooyoung Ahn (South Korea)

Desire on the Wheels by You Zhidong (China)

Día de los Muertos by Cortez Kenton Campos (USA)

Disappearing Ally by Warren Paul Glover (Australia)

Dissection Day by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (USA)

Erased by Anna Friedland (Bahamas)

Eve Before the Funeral by Xinxin Wang (China)

Fade by Liam Sharpe (USA)

Flash Drive by Nigel Ball (USA)

Gangster Grandma by Zaak Fresh (USA)

Generosity of Strangers by Kathy Stout (USA)

Good Mourning by Sol Yun (USA)

Haha, I Don’t Know by Jinho Myung (USA)

Happy Mother’s Day by Vishnubala Kailasam (India)

Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie by Tyrone Evans Clark (USA)

How I See Things by Wooyoung Ahn (South Korea)

I s o l a t i o n by Carlos E. Pacheco (USA)

I See Hope by Megan Corse (USA)

I’m Press by Emmanuel Fordjour (USA)

Impermanence – An Elemental Triptych by Gon Caride (Spain)

In Case We Get Found by Sarah Young (USA)

Independence Day by Kamlesh Acharya (India)

Insider Comedy Short Challenge: I’m With the Band by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Jacob by Bettina Horton (USA)

Junior Fiction – 365 by Adam Walsh (Australia)

Legit by Jordan Elizabeth Gelber and Thomas Kohut (USA)

Liquidation by Sam Gordon (USA)

Lost 2020 by Jasmine Shay and Violet Shay (Canada)

Lost Spring by Liana Cohen (USA)

Makeup by Imoleayo Ladipo (USA)

Man on the Tower by Karl Shefelman (USA)

Marginal by Kota Nakamura (Japan)

Masks by Rebecca Nelsen and Michelle Tarbox (USA)

Metrics by Grant Bergland (USA)

Mother of a Phoenix by Niko Vial (USA)

My Roommate’s A Demon by Morgan Szymanski (USA)

Night Terror by Cortez Kenton Campos (USA)

Nineteen by Jon Tierney (USA)

Not a Match by Steven Helgoth (USA)

Of Course I Speak French by Lansy Feng (Australia)

Pandemic Softball by Rob Leo Roy (USA)

Peachy by Fedha Nazar (Kuwait)

Perfidious by Remo Pini (Switzerland)

Phases of the Moon by B. Monét (USA)

Ranger by Michael Winfield (USA)

Rebuke by Tania Mendoza (USA)

Reflection by Timur Bootzin (USA)

Rising Daisies by Ryan Morrison and Moses Bomett (USA)

Shambhala by Yuzhi Zhu (China)

She by Sébastien Esther (France)

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi by Jack Merrill (USA)

Speed Date by Tim Heath (USA)

Technology Hurts by Tracy Walsh (Australia)

Telecommuter by Trent Bruce (USA)

The 99W by Kendra Jacobson (USA)

The Children by AJ Tedesco (USA)

The City is Mine by Brian Reilly (USA)

The Golden Calf by Adam Howard (USA)

The Last Word by JC Cifranic (USA)

The Pleasants Effect by Pete Levine (USA)

The Power in Me by Jesse Gasca Garcia (USA)

The Revver by Michael Hanson and Kelly Moothart (USA)

The Watery Grave by Michael Amerson Jr. (USA)

The Way It Is by Aline Pimentel (Brazil)

The Woodsman by Bryce Humphrey (Canada)

Threadbare by Derek Adam Thomas (USA)

Tick by Jack Settipane (USA)

Travel Today with Lea: Danish Days by Lea Welles (USA)

Tu Amigo by Maria Hernandez and Christopher Hernandez (USA)

We Demand Justice by Anthony Tilghman (USA)

What Ever Happened To Jonny Faith by Benjamin Pollack (USA)

Where Is Vinny? by Nick Swezey (USA)

Windows by Mike Greenwood (USA)






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