Independent Shorts Awards

The Long View

A scientist recounts a time in the past when he and his team were called upon to stop a deadly pandemic. The key to their vaccine lies in one autistic boy who has been found to have complete immunity.
Directed by Ed Vela (USA)


Found footage film about a telekinetic who takes a trip to Los Angeles and encounters a disaster.
Directed by Jordan Dove (USA)


“Frame”, a Super 8 film, tells the story of Alex and Sofia remembering with love the memories of their past relationship.
Directed by Andres Ramirez (Canada)

Blue Flamez: To The Sky

Native hip hop artist from Warm Springs Oregon Scott Kalama, aka Blue Flamez, and team created a post-apocalypse type music video. “To the Sky” represents a stand to fight against environmental pollution and protect mother earth.
Directed by LaRonn Katchia and Isaac Trimble (USA)

Sister With A Gun

Anabelle Yates stumbles upon a church looking for a savior and is welcomed with open arms as she embarks on a journey to rebuild her life. After eight years she is sworn in and her old life as she knew is left behind but not without a price. As the saying goes “Vengeance is mine” said the lord but an old habit resurfaces forcing her to make the ultimate choice.
Directed by Kathryn L. Scurry (USA)


Baydagh is like a sign of light. Where there was a Baydagh, means that there was a wedding party. They placed a piece of wood and above this piece of wood standing apple .the groom was not going to bring his wife from her father’s house, but they brought to the groom’s house with a white horse .when he got the bride one agiler jumped over the tent to take Baydagh, took the cloth itself and the apple offered it to the groom.
Directed by Mohammad Hadi Esfandyari (Iran)

Cuban Queens

“Cuban Queens” is a rhythmic study of subliminal hand-drawn portraits that evolve though shifting relationships of image-to-image and image-to-sound. The film is a collaboration by Warren Bass (direction, experimental animation, and music), Lowell Boston (additional animation), and Liz Goldberg (original graphics, sketched in the streets of Havana).
Directed by Warren Bass (USA)

I Cant Lose

A man down on his luck pressures his girlfriend, who works part-time in a private social club, to help him set up the robbery of the local hustler who runs the club. When she refuses, he decides to take matters in his own hands.
Directed by Patrick House (USA)

Blood & Water

A henchmen Ramon Anderson (Alex West) wants to change his life and leave the family business behind him. His Uncle Andres Sosa (Giovanni Silva) has other plans for Ramon and his crew.
Directed by Mr. West Ashe (USA)