Independent Shorts Awards

The Different Being

Richard Blanz with social problems finds comfort only from the mother who urges him not to close in the house and above all not to get caught. The psychiatrist Fergurson diagnoses a social problem more than psychological.
Directed by Rosario Brucato (Italy)

As It Comes

This is a meditation on memory, the indifference of nature, and the transformative power of small occurrences.
Directed by Top Tarasin (UK)


“Limbo” is a short film that is a part of a project by the director. It involves both photography and film. The project tries to make a critic of modern humanity and relationships, how senseless we have become by using toy body parts and plastic dolls.
Directed by Gokce Erenmemisoglu (Turkey)


Two members of Generation Z expound on their values and habits as they redefine minimalism in a world of consumption, technology, and information overload.
Directed by Isabelle Levent (USA)

Rokeaux – Silent

There is a girl from another world which he can’t reach there. However, he would like to give everything he has to reach her place.
Directed by Gorkem Tekdal (USA)

Four Keys

Faced with possible separation from her daughter, Rosa decides to give up the life that she has built for them in the US and self-deport to Canada. Since January 2017, roughly 25,000 undocumented immigrants have crossed into Canada seeking asylum from arrest and deportation in America.
Directed by Israel Brooks (USA)

Last Light

On her way home, Dawn gets lost after a mysterious blast of light, leaves her to face the unthinkable.
Directed by Shari Hamrick (USA)


“Honey” is a short film about a Riley, a young girl obsessed with insects, who unable to accept the death of her mother decides to preserve her in a bathtub of honey.
Directed by Adam Robinson (UK)