Independent Shorts Awards

Rudi: episode 1

Rudi is a former zombie looking for redemption. The city of Modena was freed from the epidemic and the treated zombies were faced with a choice: going into exile forever or trying to return to society. To help Rudi will be Camilla, a girl in turn eccentric and marginalized.
Directed by Piernicola Arena and Lillo Venezia (Italy)

Afraid of the Dark

Sitting alone at night listening to music, a man is disturbed by loud noises. When he removes his headphones, he realizes that all around him his neighborhood is under attack from an unseen entity. One by one, his neighbor’s lights go out, terrifying screams and pandemonium ensue, when no emergency services arrive to help and then when the power begins to fail, it looks like it’s every man for himself. But exactly what is attacking and killing his neighbors and can he do anything to help them or even save himself?
Directed by Ray Brady (UK)


Andrew having marital issues is in desperate need of a scratch on the back. He cannot wait any longer and hires a hooker to get scratched. Chiffon as professional as she could be was ready to do her job until Andrew tells her the news.
Directed by Lea Brandenburg (USA)


Three enslaved girls are immersed in beautiful surroundings, hidden beneath this beauty lies a dystopian society pushing the girls to perfection.
Directed by Emily Haigh (UK)

Swan Lake

The story of two swans which fall in love in a place called “Swan Lake”.
Directed by Saeed Mayahy and Hamid Jamali (Iran)

Unhealthy Obsessions

Tim has mental problems and commits murders. When a detective starts to investigate the string of murders, Tim develops an obsession for her. Tim stops at nothing to have her.
Directed by Ron lammer (USA)

Sea of Voices

In a dystopian future where it is illegal to speak or make music, a boy finds a guitar and learns how to play it. Later, he is faced with the responsibility about how he will share his gift of sound with the world.
Directed by Sam Cooper (USA)

Along The Drive

While on a cross-country road trip, West picks up a hitchhiker, named East. The two develop a romantic relationship, but East might have ulterior motives.
Directed by Larry Rosen (USA)

The Swamp

A man wakes up in a pool and he does not remember anything from the previous night.
Directed by Abdullah Harun Ilhan (Turkey)