Independent Shorts Awards


A woman was living in a village with her two small kids. The thieves want to rob her cattle but she finds it out.
Directed by Mirabbas Khosravinezhad (Iran)


Two friends, a filmmaker and photographer, traverse the vast expanses of Namibia in their 4×4 Ford Ranger. This hypnotic road trip – without voiceover or interview (only music) – will show you something of the soul of this majestic and arid country where time passes differently.
Directed by Matthieu Vinel (France)


Ani is a journalist who was charged by her diary to write an article about Ezra dead during an attack. For doing this, she organized an appointment with Lily, the sister of the deceased, in a pub. While she was waiting for her in the bar, she will make an unexpected meeting that will not leave her indifferent.
Directed by Gazanfer Biricik (France)


A family decides to sell their old house so they can buy a new one that they saw on TV. They had a hard time selling it so they put in hard work to fix it. But things take a turn when all get well.
Directed by Farkhondeh Torabi (Iran)

Welcome Back

After being deported to Mexico, Carmen is forced to survive in a country she doesn’t understand anymore. Follow her struggles as she looks for an answer to where she’s really from, and which country is truly her home.
Directed by Matias Nilsson (USA)

Death of Love

Julie is plagued by guilt over the death of her boyfriend Carl. She feels it is her fault and her friends are judging her for it. As she navigates her thoughts and memories at his wake, we come to a startling revelation.
Directed by Larry Rosen (USA)


Love. From it’s end to the magical moment when we fall into it. We follow Anne & Elizabeth through their relationship. A visceral love story told through music and dance.
Directed by Nick Mandri-Perrott (Spain)


A dark comedy about a group of female Eco-Assassins whose mission is to rid the world of those who would abuse their beloved planet.
Directed by Alexa Mercado and Michael Mastrangelo (USA)


Three months after the accident that left his little brother wheelchair-bound, Matt, an outgoing 20-year-old, returns home.
Directed by Aloiz Krisak (Canada)

Selective Memory

After recently experiencing a traumatic loss, a young woman discovers a new pill that would allow her to erase her worst memories.
Directed by Caleb Murphy (USA)