The Journey

Poster 12A short film about one of the biggest problems today – modern day slavery and silent trades of Asia. It follows the Customs Preventive Division in uncovering a money laundering syndicate lead by the notorious crime lord “Dollar Dass” the “Junket”, also known as DD and break his criminal chain. Though this short film is fictitious, it serves as a platform in highlighting issues ranging from money laundering, smuggling of migrants, counterfeit money and how it adversely affects the economy of a country. They`re profitable commodity in the multi-billion-dollar industry of modern day slavery. The underworld calls them flesh market.

Directed by Jegen John Peter (Malaysia)


  1. Thank you very much for Independent short awards for the opportunity to take part in world class film festival. seems we are are new comer we are looking for recognition for our work to learn more. Awareness about money laundering and human trafficking are still very new subject among our people. We tried an experimental step on it. Once again thank you very much and we hope for the best. Regards Jegen John Peter

  2. Proud of AVLT team.. Keep moving on with these kind of untouched concept among short films. This would be biggest inspiration for young talented people to try on new subject which can be reachable and educate people on the awareness of social problems. Every seconds in this movie were fully utilised to bring out the objective of the movie. Well done on the efforts by you guys.

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